“This is the real evil editing”: SBS criticized for cutting Michelle Yeoh’s speech, replaces the word “ladies” with “everyone”

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh's Oscars 2023 speech cut off from SBS sparks controversy (Images via SBS and Instagram/michelleyeoh_official)

Network channel SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) is under fire for being misogynistic after they cut the words “and ladies” from Everything Everywhere All At Once actress Michelle Yeoh’s Best Actress speech at the 2023 Oscars.

The news channel had broadcast the actress’ historic win and Oscars win but deliberately cut the part where she addressed women. The 60-year-old Chinese-Malaysian actress gave an inspiring speech by calling her win a “beacon of hope” for the many small children who look like her, to dream big.

Specifically, she mentioned “ladies” to never believe people who tell them they can only be successful up to a specific age.

“For all the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight. This is a beacon of hope and possibilities. This is proof [to] dream big, and [that] dreams do come true. And ladies, don’t let anyone tell you you are ever past your prime. Never give up.”

However, SBS cut out the word “and ladies” from the actress’ speech. In the subtitles too, it replaced the word with “everyone.” The deliberate move sparked a viral controversy both in South Korea and internationally.

SBS releases statement on the Michelle Yeoh controversy, netizens still not impressed

SBS landed in extreme trouble after netizens labeled the network channel misogynist after they removed a part of Michelle Yeoh’s Oscars 2023 speech. The Chinese-Malaysian actress made history as she became the second ever Asian to win a Best Actress award at the Academy Awards. She won it for her performance in the hit movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The controversy arose after people noticed that SBS had cut the word “and ladies” from Michelle Yeoh’s speech and even replaced it with “everyone.” Criticism began pouring in on multiple South Korean forums and on international platforms such as Twitter.

SBS then addressed the controversy in a statement to South Korean news outlet Newsen. It stated that the company removed the word because they believed that the phrase “past your prime” applied to everyone, irrespective of them being a woman or a man.

“We thought that the phrase ‘Don’t let anybody tell you you’re ever past your prime’ didn’t apply only to women, so we deleted this word.”

The statement is believed to have fanned criticism on an even more intense level.

One netizen pointed out that the news company should not have brought in their perspective to Michelle Yeoh’s speech, as it belonged to the actress and not the network. Meanwhile, others mentioned that their tampering with the speech was another showcase of the Korean entertainment industry’s “ageism & misogyny.”

Take a look at the comments criticizing the network channels’ move of cutting the actress’ speech:

Everything Everywhere All At Once made history as it went home with a bag full of Oscars 2023 trophies. The movie won seven Oscars, including best picture, best actress, best director, original screenplay, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and editing. It was the most award-winning movie of the night.

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