"Everything she said was all false": TikTok star Tayler Holder responds to allegations made by ex-girlfriend Sommer Ray

Images via Instagram/SommerRay and Instagram/TaylerHolder
Images via Instagram/SommerRay and Instagram/TaylerHolder

On June 8th, Tayler Holder broke his silence in a video addressing the drama surrounding Sommer Ray and Kaylun Slevin. Tik Tok stars Holder and Ray dated, on and off, for three brief months. However, they officially called it quits mid-2020.

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Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray Drama Unfolds

The drama began with Ray appearing on the Mom's Basement Podcast to explain parts of their relationship which were never seen before. Sommer claimed that Tayler still wanted to be involved and contacted her boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky.

Ray added that this was during Holder's relationship with Charly Jordan. Tayler denied all the claims while appearing on BFF's Podcast.

A minute into the podcast, after being asked for a summary of Sommer Ray, Holder said:

I try to be a nice guy all the time and [like] I don't to put people on blast. It's not what I try to do, at all. But, [like], literally everything she said on Banks and Keem's podcast was all false.

Holder went on to explain that the relationship was "super-toxic." He further added that Ray would break up with him on a regular basis during the entirety of the relationship.

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Tayler explains an incident at a party hosted by fellow influencer Jake Paul. He states that it involved Kaylyn Slevin, another of Tayler's ex. Holder claims that Ray witnessed the interaction and began berating him in the parking lot in front of fellow friends. Holder went on to say that Ray blocked him on all social media over the incident.

Everytime we broke up, she would instantly block me.

Tayler also mentioned that the drama was prominent on TikTok as well. Ray's back-and-forth blocking Holder led to various speculations about their breakup.

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Tayler mentioned his former friend, Jack Gilinsky, whom he tried to reinstate to influencer status. Holder said he was close with Gilinsky until a video surfaced. In the said video, Gilinsky is seen with Ray after their breakup, disappearing into a bedroom.

Tayler claims he attempted to contact Gilinsky about the situation but never received a response. The interview concluded with Tayler mentioned he wanted to be on good terms with Ray, but it was not reciprocated. The influencer stated that he and Ray had not been in contact.

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