Trisha Paytas hints at possible upcoming tour, leaves fans furious as they claim they "don't want it"

Trisha Paytas angers fan as she hints at a possible tour (Image via YouTube)
Trisha Paytas angers fan as she hints at a possible tour (Image via YouTube)

Trisha Paytas has angered fans once again as she hinted at a possible upcoming tour of her band and clothing line on June 14th.

Trisha Paytas and H3H3's Ethan Klein have recently gotten into a public feud over the former's role on their shared podcast, Frenemies. Trisha Paytas has alleged that Ethan had never included her in company discussions.

After the two went back and forth for almost a week on social media, Trisha pushed it further by alleging that Ethan had "sexualized" her too much, thus triggering her. However, many were quick to point out Trisha's hypocrisy as she continuously joked about Ethan wanting to fornicate with her in earlier episodes of Frenemies.

The drama had begun causing both to receive an unseen amount of hatred from each other's fanbases.

Trisha Paytas hints at tour

After releasing a new collection for her clothing line, Sadboy 2005, Trisha retweeted a photo of a fan wearing clothes from the collection. She then stated that a "tour is coming along".

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Fans outraged by Trisha's tour

Fans took to the comments to bash Trisha, claiming that her attempts at trying to "move on" were too insensitive, given that Frenemies ended only one week ago.

With over 10 videos and a multitude of tweets, Trisha Paytas attempted to explain to her remaining fans her side of the story.

However, as she was met with nothing by negativity, the 33-year-old decided to focus on her music "career" as well as her clothing line. To the shock of many, despite having lost many supporters, the website for Trisha's clothing line crashed on Monday morning.

Fans and former fans were quick to stop Trisha Paytas when she mentioned the tour, claiming no one would buy tickets, considering the amount of hate she is currently receiving.

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Fans of Frenemies are still upset with Trisha Paytas, as she has made nothing but negative claims against Ethan Klein, while the latter spoke kindly about her in his explanation of why Frenemies ended.

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