Trisha Paytas reveals she "supports" Ethan Klein's decision to replace her with his mom as the new co-host of Frenemies

Trisha Paytas reacts to Donna Klein as new Frenemies host (Image via YouTube)
Trisha Paytas reacts to Donna Klein as new Frenemies host (Image via YouTube)

Trisha Paytas recently took to TikTok to discuss how she felt about Ethan Klein's mom being the new host of Frenemies.

Frenemies was started by the H3 podcast and was hosted by YouTubers Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas. The two began filming the show in July of 2020 and encountered multiple pauses due to Paytas' behavioral issues that caused a temporary end to the show twice.

Frenemies officially ended in early June due to both arguing over Paytas' role in the hiring process and how she wasn't receiving an extra five percent pay from the show's revenue.


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Trisha Paytas approves of new Frenemies host

Trisha Paytas went live on TikTok to explain how she felt about Gabbie Hanna's accusations, yet didn't neglect fans who pestered her for an opinion on Klein's new host.

Paytas began by calling Families cute, stating it was "good" for Klein to continue the show with his mother, Donna Klein.

"I think it's good. Obviously, he should continue it if it's with his mom. It's really cute."

She seemed to be understanding, claiming that she always did stuff with her mother as well.

"I always do stuff with my mom too; I think it's really cute that there's a new co-host; I think that's really good too."

Paytas finished her thoughts by saying she was happy and supportive of Klein not wasting the money opportunities from the ads.

"There's bread out there, you know, we had ads lined up for a year. Why leave that? Like, I'm happy, I support it."

As Paytas has responded to the Frenemies drama almost every day for the past month, fans were glad yet still unforgiving to see the 33-year-old say positive things about the Teddy Fresh co-owner.

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Fans claim they still won't support her

Fans took to Twitter to claim how they no longer wanted to support Trisha Paytas despite her seemingly new behavior in regards to Frenemies.

Some even mentioned how "salty" Paytas seemed and called her "mean" and "entitled."

Fans are still waiting to see if Klein will be attending Paytas' wedding to Moses Hacmon, the former's brother-in-law.

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