Was Treat Williams wearing a helmet? Everwood star's cause of death revealed as Vermont man is charged

Treat Williams
A man from Vermont has been charged for the accident that killed Williams (Image via Getty Images)

Treat Williams' cause of death has been finally disclosed. A man from Vermont has been charged with negligence for the accident that killed Williams in June 2023. Vermont State Police reported that, as per the New York Medical Examiner, severe trauma and blood loss from the accident led to Treat's death.

As per New York Post, the man charged with negligence was identified as Ryan Koss. Ryan was driving his car when he tried to take a turn, crashing into Williams on the same road. The actor was thrown off his bike, and even though he was wearing a helmet, he suffered fatal injuries.


The police officers contacted Ryan, and he met them at the Shaftsbury Barracks. The negligence charge was processed on him, and the authorities clicked a photograph, following which he was released.

Treat Williams met with an accident on June 12, 2023, leading to his death

Treat Williams was thrown off his motorcycle when he crashed into a car (Image via Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
Treat Williams was thrown off his motorcycle when he crashed into a car (Image via Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

At 5 pm on June 12, 2023, Treat Williams had an accident on Route 30 near Dorset, Vermont. According to the Manchester Fire Department chief, Jacob Gribble, a car was also damaged along with Treat's motorcycle.

There were speculations that the car driver possibly could not see the bike coming on his way. Manchester Fire Department immediately reached the spot, and Treat was hospitalized with the help of air transport. He breathed his last at the Albany Medical Center in New York.

Vermont State Police also shared a statement at the time, saying that Treat could not avoid the collision, due to which he was tossed off the motorcycle. The statement mentioned that the accident led to severe injuries.


One of the eyewitnesses, Matt Rapphahn, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and recalled the entire incident. He revealed that he heard tire screeches and a loud crash. He also saw Williams being tossed into the air and landing on the ground. He said he rushed to check on what happened and later called 911.

Matt stated that a lot of traffic was coming on the road, and he controlled them until the authorities arrived. He disclosed that Treat was responding until he was transported to the hospital.

Treat Williams gained recognition for his performances in films and TV shows


Treat Williams started his career on stage in the 70s. He was featured in several plays until 2001, including Once in a Lifetime, Some Men Need Help, Oleanna, Follies, and more.

He made his film debut with the thriller film, Deadly Hero, released in 1975. He continued to appear in more films and portrayed Larry Ralston in Danny Boyle's survival drama film 127 Hours, featuring James Franco in the lead.

He played important roles in TV shows, including The Simpsons. He will appear as Bill Paley in the upcoming season of Feud. This will mark his last screen appearance.

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