WATCH: Surveillance footage shows Highland Park woman Kayjuan Taylor killed in broad daylight

A Black woman was fatally shot multiple times in Highland Park, Michigan (Images via Youtube)
A woman was fatally shot multiple times in Highland Park, Michigan (Images via Youtube)

On Friday, August 26, 2022, Kayjuan Taylor was fatally shot in broad daylight just outside her home in Highland Park, Michigan. Her tragic death was caught by home security cameras.

In the surveillance footage, Taylor, a young woman from Highland Park, can be seen being targeted by a man in a blue SUV as she walked down the road in front of her house on Rhode Island Avenue. The gunman is seen jumping out of the passenger side of the car and firing at her. Kayjuan Taylor, clearly in pain, tried to save her life by running into the backyard. However, the shooter continued to pursue her relentlessly and fired at her multiple times until she was killed.

Trigger warning: The following video contains graphic and violent content. The viewer's discretion is advised.


The video capturing the final moments of Kayjuan Taylor running for her life has gone viral on the internet, however, police are yet to find any leads or make any arrests in the case. Officials believe the attack was targeted, and while no other casualties were reported, a stray bullet struck an elderly woman's window.

When asked about Taylor, her friends told Fox 2 that she was a good person and they could not understand who would attack her so brutally or why.

The investigation is ongoing by the Michigan State Police department. Anyone with information about the matter involving Kayjuan Taylor has been asked to get in touch with them immediately.

Kayjuan Taylor becomes the most recent victim of gun violence in Michigan

As of July 12, 2022, Michigan has had four mass shootings. Since the school shooting at Oxford High School in November 2021, students and teachers alike have spent their days feeling anxious.

Lydia Fraser, a student at Westwood High School, told Bridge Michigan:

"I describe it as a feeling I never want to feel again, because me and the people around me were texting our loved ones saying ‘we're in a lockdown. We don't know what's happening. If anything happens we love you’ just because we were expecting the worst-case scenario. You can practice lockdowns as many times as you want but you can never practice the emotions that you feel during that lockdown."

Gun violence has become an epidemic in America, with no cure in sight. In Saginaw, Michigan, three people were killed and two others were injured in an early morning shooting on June 6. Two months later, two individuals were killed and 10 were left wounded in two mass shootings that took place on August 7. This came just weeks after two people were killed and eight others were wounded over a parking dispute.

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