WATCH: Video shows Illinois police saving drowning nine-year-old child from frozen pond

Police rescue a boy stuck in an icy pond (Image via Aurora Police Department/ Facebook)
Police rescue a boy stuck in an icy pond (Image via Aurora Police Department/ Facebook)

A video recently released by the Aurora Police Department shows Illinois officers saving a drowning nine-year-old boy from a frozen water body after he fell into the icy it while trying to get his football. On Wednesday, November 23, Illinois officers dove into a pond near the Fox Pointe apartment complex in Aurora to rescue the child.

Officials said that after they'd arrived at the scene, they found that a woman who had jumped in to save the boy was also stuck in the frozen pond, struggling to reach dry land. In a Facebook post, the Aurora Police Department stated that officers went into the pond and saved both the woman and child.

Illinois police respond to call concerning drowning of child


According to officials, around 4:30 pm on Wednesday, Illinois police were alerted to a 911 call that stated a boy was drowning after having fallen into a pond. At this point, they were unaware of the woman whom they'd eventually rescue, along with the boy.

As per CBS News, officer Andrew Soderlund, who responded to the 911 call, told the outlet:

"We're driving there. You're kind of playing that scenario through your head. What exactly are we going to see when you are there?"

About what he saw when he reached the location, he had this to say:

"They were pretty far out there - and obviously, they weren't making any way of getting closer to the shore."

Officer Soderlund then reportedly tied a rope around his waist and dove into the water with his partner to rescue the two individuals. While the two cops jumped into the water, the video showed other individuals in the force on land throwing in a water rescue kit. This included a rope that could be used to pull both the child and adults to safety.

Illinois police claim all parties were safe

Illinois officials said everyone involved in the incident was sent to the hospital and was safe. The mother of the boy was seen thanking the officers for saving her child in a Facebook video posted by police. She said:

"I thought my son was not going to be here to see Thanksgiving. Somebody was out there to call 911. I want to thank all the people who rescued him."

On Thursday, November 24, a day after the incident, officers reportedly brought a new football for the boy they rescued from drowning.

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