WATCH: Video shows man lunging at Buffalo supermarket shooter Payton Gendron during life sentence hearing

The mass shooting was allegedly racially charged (image via WBITV)
The mass shooting was confirmed to have been racially charged (image via WBITV)

On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, a man lunged at Buffalo supermarket shooter Payton Gendron during a victim impact statement at his life sentence hearing.

In the footage of the incident, a woman can be seen condemning Payton Gendron's actions, before a man in gray attempted to reportedly assault the convicted mass murderer.


Before he could reach Gendron, however, officials restrained the attempted attacker and removed the shooter from the scene. The man, whose name was not disclosed by outlets, was promptly taken away by officers.

As he was removed from the scene, the man in gray clothing could be heard saying:

"You don't know what we're going through."

CNN reported that no charges will be pressed against the individual who lunged at Gendron.

Payton Gendron, on the other hand, will face life in prison for 10 homicides and three attempted murders. Gendron confessed that he intentionally attacked a predominantly African American supermarket, and that the murders had been racially motivated.

Victims and their families condemn the actions of Payton Gendron

During the victim impact statement that was being read out before the thwarted courtroom assault, Barbara Mapps, sister of deceased Buffalo massacre victim Katherine Massey, also threatened to perpetrate physical violence against Gendron.

Mapps said:

"I want personally to choke you."

She continued:

"My sister Katherine Massey was a great person. Kat didn't hurt anybody. You are going to come to our city and decide you don't like Black people. Man, you don't know a damn thing about Black people. We're human."

Mapps later confirmed to CNN reporters that it was her son who had attempted to assault Gendron, as he could not bear to see her in that emotional state:

“He wouldn’t have went up there if it weren’t for me. He saw me emotional and I’m his mom."

She continued:

“We’re close. This is the way we were brought up. You hurt one of us, you hurt us all.”

After Payton Gendron was brought back into the courtroom, Judge Susan Egan condemned the actions of Gendron's attempted assailant, though she expressed sympathy for his anger.

Egan said:

"I am sure that you are all disturbed by the physicality that we've seen in the courtroom here today. I understand that emotion, and I understand the anger, but we cannot have that in the courtroom."

She continued:

"And I am prepared to give anyone that needs to speak an opportunity to speak. And I know that you need to address some of your comments to the defendant. But we must conduct ourselves appropriately because we are all better than that."

As per NBC, of the 13 people shot in the attack, 11 were African American, while two were white. Gendron told the court that the hate crime was motivated by racist online rhetoric.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal