"We will wait for you": ARMYs emotional as BTS Suga is set to enlist for his mandatory military service on September 22

Featuring Suga (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring Suga (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On September 17, 2023, Bighit Entertainment officially announced that BTS' Suga will be enlisting for his mandatory military service on September 22, 2023, releasing an official statement, which stated:

"Thank you for your continued support for BTS. We have further information regarding SUGA’s military service. SUGA will be beginning his required service on September 22."

In South Korea, every able-bodied male citizen has to serve in the military between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five in various departments, and several BTS members have already embarked on this journey to fulfill their duties.

As the news broke, BTS' fans, aka ARMYs, were upset at first, and expressed their sad reaction to the news. However, they also realized that they need to wait for the idol until he serves in the military. Soon, fans took to social media to express their best wishes for idol.

"FUTURE'S GONNA BE OKAY": Fans will wait for Suga to return safely

As Suga becomes the third member of BTS to enlist for his mandatory military service, fans have been continuously expressing their support on social media as they prepare to bid farewell to another group member, following Jin and j-hope's enlistment.

At the same time, ARMYs are expressing their wishes for his healthy return from the military as well and praying that he serves well and returns as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Bighit Entertainment has released a statement that there will be no official event taking place on the day idol enlists for the service. They have also asked fans not to visit the location on the aforementioned date, stating:

"There will not be any official events taking place on the day he starts his service or on the day he enters the training camp. We kindly ask fans to refrain from visiting SUGA at his workplace during the period of his service. Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts."

Thus, since the announcement, fans have been spamming social media to respond to the news of idol's mandatory military service beginning on September 22, 2023.

Further, the agency has also asked fans to be cautious of unauthorized activities that might take place on the day Suga enlists for his mandatory military service. The official statement also warned:

"Furthermore, please be mindful to avoid getting adversely affected by unauthorized tours or package products that illegally use the artist’s intellectual property. Our company will take appropriate measures against attempts at any commercial activity that make unauthorized use of artist IP."

Meanwhile, fans are also trending the BIGHIT hashtag on social media, expressing how whenever they read the "Hello, this is Bighit" statement, it always brings chaos to the fandom due to the sad news of the idols' enlistment.

Finally, Bighit Entertainment concluded the official statement by asking for the continued support of the fans and stating:

"We ask for your continued love and support for SUGA until he completes his service and returns. Our company will also strive to provide all the support he needs during this time."

As the Daechwita singer enlists for his service, ARMYs are determined to wait for him, although his absence is making them sad.

The AMYGDALA singer is reportedly set to complete his mandatory military service by 2025.

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