What did Aaren Rudolph from the Montgomery riverfront brawl do? Teenager celebrated online after helping dockwoker

Aaren Rudolph gained fame due to his bravery (Image via Facebook / Frank E Gottie / Montgomery)
Aaren Rudolph gained fame due to his bravery (Image via Facebook / Frank E Gottie / Montgomery)

On Sunday, August 6, a group of white people attacked an African-American security guard in Montgomery after he appeared to urge the members of the group to move their boat. According to witnesses, the massive fight that broke out on the Alabama riverside was fueled by booze and adrenaline.

The incident began, according to witnesses, when the Black security guard attempted to clear the pier along the Alabama River so that the Harriott II Riverboat could come to a halt. A bunch of unruly boaters then attacked him. Addressing the issues, a tweet stated that,

"The white guys had been told to move their pontoon so the city's riverboat could park."

The result was an all-out brawl after multiple people joined in the fight to help out the lone security guard. At some point during the brawl, a person even swam across the river to assist the victim. The person who swam across to help the security guard was Aaren Rudolph, a 16-year-old swimmer who swam to help the Black security who was being attacked by the white men during the fight.

When the video went viral and Twitter accounts like @Josh_Moon started sharing the clip featuring Rudolph, netizens praised the boy for his bravery and daring act.

Aaren risked his life to help save the victim, who was his co-worker, in the Montgomery Riverfront park

Aaren has been tagged as "Black Aquaman" (Image via Facebook / JuanKimla Robinson / Facebook / Sabrina Lanay)
Aaren has been tagged as "Black Aquaman" (Image via Facebook / JuanKimla Robinson / Facebook / Sabrina Lanay)

The guard of the Montgomery riverside asked a party of white people to not dock their pontoon boat in the reserved area on Sunday, but the party proceeded to attack him instead.

According to a report by local TV station WSFA, the altercation occurred at the Montgomery Riverfront, and police units responded to the 200 block of Coosa Street at approximately 7 pm to investigate the disturbance. The incident was captured on video on the pier close to the Harriott II Riverboat, a popular downtown attraction.

Aaren, a 16-year-old teen, was one of the several people who ran to help the Black security guard as he was being attacked by a crowd during a fight that engulfed the Montgomery Riverfront. Apparently a swimmer, Aaren swam across the water body to save the poor man. It was later revealed that the guard is Aaren's coworker.

Although, this is the only information about the brave teenager that's available at the moment, many recordings of what appears to be the start of the brawl have begun to circulate on social media, most notably X (previously Twitter), showing the kid in action. One set of video shows the boy swimming across a body of water to defend the victim involved in the incident.

Makina Lashae, Aaren's publicist, posted an update on Facebook about Aaren, following the event.

In a statement, Lashae praised Aaren's actions, saying:

β€œIn the face of adversity, Aaren selflessly came to the rescue of a fellow colleague, showcasing courage beyond his years. We are immensely proud of his actions and the values he exemplifies, standing as an inspiration to us all.”

The statement further mentioned:

"The overwhelming love and support pouring in from all corners of the state and surrounding areas have deeply touched Aaren. Your kindness and encouragement have shown him the power of unity and the warmth of a caring community."

Lashae also said that the family was proud of the superhero nickname bestowed upon him.

Netizens praised Aaren's bravery and selfless act

Many people fell in love with the video as soon as it went viral on social media. As the video became popular, Aaren has been called "Black Aquaman" by social media users.

People poured their praises and blessings on Montgomery resident Aaren, in the comments section of @maseinyaface18 and @BeverlyHarris92's Twitter posts.

Authorities have already issued arrest warrants


Montgomery police announced on Monday, August 7, that arrest warrants had been issued in connection with the Montgomery riverfront incident in Alabama's capital that attracted national attention. Despite the fact that there are four open warrants, no arrests had been made as of Monday evening.

According to the Montgomery Police Department, officers responded to a disturbance near Riverfront Park. When asked by several media outlets like CNN, they said that:

"At the scene, they discovered a large group of subjects engaged in a physical altercation."

According to the police, numerous active warrants were issued, with many more likely on the way based on the further assessment of the video. Moreover, as per the authorities, unspecified charges are being filed against the attackers.

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