What is Boat Jumping on TikTok? Dangerous trend kills four people in Alabama

Authorities are asking people not to try this life-risking trend (Image via Getty Images)
Boat Jumping trend on TikTok (Image via Getty Images)

Several TikTok trends often go viral on social media and the recent 'Boat Jumping' trend has become the talk of the town. Unlike many other complicated trends, this one is rather self-explanatory. This trend encourages people to jump off a moving boat and individuals complete the challenge by throwing themselves off the back of a boat and into the sea.

Several videos of TikTok users attempting the Boat Jumping trend have gone viral across social media platforms. The hashtag '#Boatjumping' has been used by individuals taking part in the trend.

However, the trend has proven to be dangerous and deadly. Authorities in Alabama reported that four people died as a result of neck injuries in the last six months while trying to take part in this challenge.

"They literally broke their neck"- Capt. Jim Dennis warns netizens against extremely dangerous TikTok trend

Authorities are asking people not to try this life-risking trend (Image via TikTok/Twitter /@RonMilnerBoodle)
Authorities are asking people not to try this life-risking trend (Image via TikTok/Twitter /@RonMilnerBoodle)

The TikTok trend features individuals jumping into the ocean and in certain circumstances, the boat appears to be standing still and the water appears to be relatively calm. However, in other circumstances, the boat is seen moving at a high speed.

This trend has now taken the internet by storm, with people actively engaging with and sharing these videos. However, Capt. Jim Dennis of the Childersburg Rescue Squad advised people not to partake in this trend and told WPDE-TV:

"The four that we responded to when they jumped out of the boat, they literally broke their neck and, you know, basically an instant death. I think people, if they're being filmed on camera, I think they're more likely to do something stupid because they want to show off in front of their friends on social media."

Dennis and other officials are worried about the safety of people attempting this challenge because even though the water may be calm, the boat's motion creates a hazardous landing pad, that feels like concrete. Authorities mentioned that if a person jumps from a moving boat without protecting their neck and head, they may become paralyzed permanently or even die immediately.

Moreover, Capt. Jim Dennis is concerned that this dangerous trend may gain traction during the summer.

"That is a very big concern because we have seen this pattern emerge over the last two years and it’s sporadic. But it’s something that needs to go away and stay away," he said.

He then advised people to avoid the dangerous trend and to discourage their loved ones from participating in it.

“Do not do it. It’s not worth your life," he said.

Other viral TikTok trends

Among viral dances, memes, recipes, hacks, and other trends, there are hundreds of challenges that go viral online. The TikTok trends that recently became the talk of the town are the chicken war, 1 2 Buckle my Shoe, the aerosol challenge, the blackout challenge, and more.


The blackout challenge was a dangerous trend that went viral in 2022. It was based on a choking game and saw individuals restricting their breathing for a specific period of time. Individuals utilized household items to suffocate themselves and filmed the adrenaline rush they got once they regained consciousness. About 20 children died as a result of the challenge, as per The Independent.

This proves that while some of these trends are rather harmless, others can be fatal.

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