What did Carl Phanor do? NYC man arrested for assaulting jogger and other crimes

Carl Phanor was arrested and charged with the sexual assault of a New York jogger (Image via NYPD)
Carl Phanor was arrested and charged with the sexual assault of a New York jogger (Image via NYPD)

In the early hours of Thursday morning, a jogger was s*xually assaulted by Carl Phanor in the West Village of New York. The 28-year-old man was arrested by the NYPD in the afternoon, just hours after the horrific event. He was charged with predatory s*xual assault and criminal s*x act, amongst others.

According to police, sources informed them of Phanor using the victim's credit card in Midtown. He was spotted by security guards at a local Target store, reeking of alcohol and searching for Red Bull.

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Carl Phanor was arrested at the Port Authority Bus Terminal while he was trying to board a Greyhound bus and was charged with r*pe, grand larceny, predator s*x assault, strangulation, and invalid use of a credit card.

According to reports, Carl Phanor had allegedly pinned the victim to the ground, choked her till she was almost unconscious, and then s*xually assaulted her. The suspect then fled the scene with the victim's wallet, cell phone, and headphones.

The victim is currently in the ICU, recovering from lung fractures.

Who is Carl Phanor? Repeat s*x offender reportedly had a traumatic past

Carl Phanor, 28, who was arrested on Thursday for allegedly r*ping a 43-year-old jogger, has been arrested 25 times prior to this, twice for s*xual assault.

He has also been accused of approaching a 48-year-old woman on October 6 from behind on E 37th Street with similar intentions. He allegedly placed her in a chokehold and attempted to assault her.

While the victim was able to get away from Phanor safely, he stole her wallet and cell phone and tried to use her credit card at a smoke shop.

🚨WANTED for SEXUAL ASSAULTS: Have you seen Carl Phanor? On 3/27/22 near Clarkson St & West St, the suspect sexually assaulted a 39-year-old female. On 10/6/22 near FDR service road & E 37 St, he attempted to rape a 48-year-old female. Info? DM @NYPDTips, or call 800-577-TIPS.

On March 27, he s*xually assaulted and robbed another woman who was jogging early in the morning. Phanor has been arrested for multiple other crimes, including drug possession.

According to police, Carl Phanor, who lived in a Manhattan homeless shelter, was estranged from his parents. According to the defense attorney, not only was the suspect abandoned by his parents but also suffered "traumatizing things" in his younger life.

Questions have been raised over the lack of action by authorities in between the attacks. A source told the New York Post that "a lot of questions are going to be asked" about who was looking for the suspect between the multiple similar assaults.

Police have arrested a homeless man named Carl Phanor in connection with this brutal rape. Phanor is also suspected of choking, robbing & sexually assaulting two other women in NYC back in March & October. Phanor had been arrested 18 times, so should not have been on the streets.

These repeated incidents have instilled fear in the women jogging in the area. Gabrielle Sumkin, who was a witness in Thursday's case, said:

"That's horrible and terrifying, and we should all be able to run without having to worry about people r*ping us."

Though Phanor's arrest has provided the community with some reassurance, many women have talked about changing their jogging hours.

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