What classes do K-pop idol trainees take? WayV’s Hendery and YangYang give fans a glimpse

WayV's Hendery and YangYang concept photos (Image via @WayV_official/Twitter)
WayV's Hendery and YangYang concept photos (Image via @WayV_official/Twitter)

WayV’s singer Hendery and rapper YangYang shared some insider information about the life of a K-pop idol trainee in their recent livestream on Weibo. While talking about the range of classes they take during idol training, the duo mentioned that apart from the usual singing, dancing and composing, they also had classes on report writing, how to film vlogs and how to click selfies.

While taking a trip down memory lane, the two discussed the cartoons they used to watch as children. The conversation then shifted to homework and school assignments, before gradually veneering off to reminisce about the assignments that they would receive from SM Entertainment during their trainee days.

Some secrets were also spilled, as YangYang revealed how he had managed to get out of completing one of the most grueling assignments handed to them. On the other hand, Hendery revealed that he had to complete it.

What did WayV’s Hendery and YangYang say about the type of classes K-pop idol trainees take?

A candid conversation between Hendery and YangYang in their recent Relay Live series revealed the extensive preparation idols have to undertake in order to debut. The duration of being a trainee can vary from just a few months to more than five years.

HD mentioned other assignments they had to do like write-ups after attending sunbaenim’s concerts, filming 10-15 minute vlog-style videos with company iPad/cameras to practice foreign language and practice for how to talk ab interesting topics in future live broadcasts like this

The pitch-perfect world that the K-pop industry showcases is often the hard work and struggle of multiple diverse classes.

The K-pop idol trainee system is more or less similar to school. Hendery and YangYang shared that, as trainees, they had to study even during vacations, before going on to say that SM Entertainment had assigned them homework on report writing: They were supposed to listen to 200 songs and write a report detailing their expressions about them.

🦄: ah! Before we debuted…because we had breaks/vacations when we were trainees the company gave us an assignment to listen to 200 songs and write up our thoughts/feelings after listening to each of them🐑: I remember that but…did I…finish it?🦄: u didn’t finish it??

YangYang then revealed that he did not complete the entire assignment, and shared a funny incident behind it. He explained that after listening to a couple of songs, he went up to a staff member and asked them if he needed to finish it. The staff member was apparently cool, as they left the decision to him and did not insist that the homework be finished.

At this point, Hendery mockingly attacked YangYang, expressing his frustration at having to listen to 200 songs and completing his assignment. He even added that one of the staff members had told him that he had to finish it.

🐑: I remember I listened to like 2-3 songs and I asked them “do I need to finish it?” And they were like “well, some do and some don’t” 😂🦄: *choking out YangYang* WHY DID I RECEIVE A DIFFERENT ANSWER???? They told me I had to finish it…🥲
🦄: so I was like “ok” and I remember I even went to a coffee shop to finish it🐑: WAIT I remember now some people had breaks and others didn’t - I wasn’t on break at the time. That’s right that’s right - I remember u went back to Macau for a bit and came back with 2 days left+
+ then u went to the coffee shop and sent pictures to us about it lol🦄: I really listened to songs endlessly🐑: was it only you who had to do it? I think it was you plus a few other people…(T/N: I’m wheezing YY got himself strangled for nothing 😂)

The training includes more than just writing. The WayV singer added that they had to films vlogs, practice speaking in different languages on camera, make a report on seniors’ concerts, brainstorm about fun topics to talk about on livestreams, and even learn how to take selfies!

🦄: some others did but we never took the selfie classes, so our selfies were so bad at first LOL a lot of staff/friends gave us constructive criticism 😂🐑: my thought is “my face just looks like this no matter how I take it it’s gonna look like that” unless I do this or smth

While the last one might seem surprising, selfies play an important role in the K-pop industry. From post-event and post-performance photos to pictures used in photocards - a type of collectible - taking selfies is a skill that idols also learn during their training period.

Apart from talking about how they received constructive criticism from the other staff members for their poor selfies, the WayV members also shared that they did not end up taking the selfie classes. They also revealed the secret behind many of their selfies, saying that they were "fake selfies."

🐑: so actually a lot of selfies aren’t actually selfies LOL I’ll pose like this-🦄: and then I’d adjust the settings until he’s okay with it and then take it 😂 a fake selfie(T/N: bruh what LMAO breaking the idol 4th wall 😂)

Apart from singing, rapping, modeling, dancing and sometimes producing or composing, it is interesting to see that idol trainees also have to undertake assignments for seemingly minute or casual things.

Meanwhile, fans can expect more fun things from WayV's upcoming Relay Live livestream series as well.

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