What happened at Astroworld Festival? Tributes pour in as officials describe how tragedy unfolded at Travis Scott concert

Travis Scott (Image via travisscott/ Instagram)
Travis Scott (Image via travisscott/ Instagram)

Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña confirmed fatalities and multiple injuries at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival event held in Houston on November 5. As of this writing, eight people have been confirmed dead and 17 rushed to the hospital, of which 11 were in cardiac arrest.

An investigation is ongoing and officials are yet to establish the exact cause of the incident. However, Pena did reveal that the crowd "compressed" and pushed towards the front of the stage, which led to panic. As many as 300 people were treated at the sold-out event headlined by the rapper.

KHOU 11 News tweeted statement:

"HFD Chief Sam Pena: At around 9 or 9:15, the crowd began to compress toward the front of the stage and that caused panic and people were getting injured. HFD transported 17 people to hospitals."
LIVE NOW | Houston and Harris County leaders are giving an update on the incident that happened at the Astroworld Festival tonight. Watch live:

During the press briefing, Pena shared additional information that would help families find those who were at the concert and are unreachable at the moment.

He said:

"If you have a relative who was at the event and you've not spoken to them, you can go to the reunification center at 8686 Kirby. That's the Windham Houston Hotel. HPD and HFD will be there to assist."

Earlier in the day, ABC reporter Mycah Hatfield tweeted a video of a large crowd running through the gates. She noted some were "trampled," some "detained."

As we were arriving to the Astroworld Festival at NRG Park right at 2:00, a stampede burst through the gates. Hundreds of people destroyed the VIP security entrance, bypassing the checkpoint. People were trampled. Some were detained. (Excuse any language you may hear)

Tributes pour in after 8 dead at Astroworld Festival

Fans are gripped by shock. At the same time, most expressed grief along with sympathetic messages. However, several were left confused and had their versions of what went down at the fest. Most were of the opinion that the stampede caused breathing issues among those who were compressed.

@Roxlyn0 @KHOU Being in a crazy crowd literally suffocates you and brings you into panic. It’s crazy what so much movement can do. My dad said one time he went to a concert and everybody in the crowd fell on top of each other packed like sardines!
@Roxlyn0 @KHOU Look up compression asphixia. There needs to be an investigation into this.
@Roxlyn0 @KHOU i've been in a similar if smaller crushthose at front get pushed against the stage or other barriers & can't go anywhere. ppl way behind start pressing forward to get closer, unaware the fronties are pinned; more clueless ppl arrive, it keeps getting worse - you get the idea
@MattBennet11 @Roxlyn0 @KHOU What's insane is that this is at least the third or fourth mass fatality from a human crush in the last few decades, and it usually comes down to not wanting to accidentally let people in. When are they going to figure out how to keep a crowd safe, even it means breakaway fences?
@hotteokooky @KHOU People get so compacted together that they dont get enough oxygen to their brains. I’m sure there was some trampling too
#ASTROWORLDFest was doomed from the start. Between the lack of security, the lack of civility and the lack of humanity on several levels, it was a disaster begging to happen. My condolences to the families of those who were hurt, missing or dead.
what happened there is truly tragic and a clear example of selfishness. its truly sick that this is the world we live in. all of my condolences go to the families and i hope those injured will get well asap #ASTROWORLDFest
I kept passing over the reports of this tragedy at #ASTROWORLDFest. I didn’t realize just how serious this was. My condolences for those who lost their lives, their families and friends. Who expects to lose their life at a concert? RIP! Prayers for all of the injured! 😢🙏🏽
Wow man. Prayers & Condolences to the people who died tonight at the #ASTROWORLDFest & those injured during the festival. This is a nightmare!…
What is happening at #ASTROWORLDFest is what I have feared most about these kinds of events. A terrible tragedy. 11 Dead. 300 injuries.😔😔😔 My condolences to the victims.

Travis Scott is yet to comment

Watch Live from Utopia Mountain at astroworld festival @AppleMusic

While Scott is yet to respond to the Astroworld Festival tragedy, his pre-event tweet has been drawing immense flak. Kendall Jenner was at the event too, and has shared a string of videos from the night.

To avoid further chaos, Saturday's event stands canceled.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha

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