What happened to Aysha Cross and Emiliee Solomon? Missing McGregor girls found following Amber Alert in Texas

Missing McGregor girls found following Amber Alert in Texas (Image via Twitter@iamlegacy123)
Missing McGregor girls found following Amber Alert in Texas (Image via Twitter@iamlegacy123)

Early on Tuesday morning, the Texas Department of Public Safety canceled an Amber Alert for two teenage girls, Aysha Cross and Emiliee Solomon, who were allegedly kidnapped from McGregor city. DPS reported at 2:30 a.m. and stated that both 14-year-olds had been reportedly found in Georgetown.

Authorities have identified the 14-year-olds as Aysha Cross and Emiliee Solomon through an Amber Alert issued on Monday, July 4.

James Robert Vanhouten, 30, of Georgetown, has been detained and charged for harboring the minors, according to Sheriff Parnell McNamara's statement to KWTX. Reportedly, both were pursued by Texas officials after one of the victim's Snapchat accounts revealed a "help" message.

Aysha Cross and Emiliee Solomon were great friends

The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that Solomon and Cross were last seen Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. near 1410 W 7th Street and the 900 block of W 10th Street in McGregor, Texas.

DPS described the girl's physical appearance, however, as they did not have any information on their clothing. Aysha Cross was described as having white skin, hazel eyes, and dark-colored hair. She weighed 105 pounds, and her height was 5'2. Additionally, Solomon is also described as having white skin, brown-colored hair, and eyes. She was 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighed 175 pounds.

According to KWTX, McGregor police Lt. Ron McCurry stated on Saturday that the girls' disappearances did not match the requirements for Amber Alerts at the time.

However, he highlighted that this particular occurrence was worrisome because, in similar circumstances, the young people typically returned home safely within eight to twelve hours.

Authorities claimed Monday that when they received a screenshot from Aysha Cross' Snapchat account with the text "help," the Amber Alert was activated.

Police asserted that they do not have much information about the incident but are receiving assistance from the FBI.

McCurry said,

"We are following all leads and doing everything we can to find these young girls."

The girls were great friends, according to Solomon's stepmother Sara Dunn. She told authorities Solomon spent the night with Aysha Cross on Wednesday before allegedly being abducted.

Later, Sara Dunn reportedly asked Solomon to stay a bit longer with Cross because her uncle would pick her up, but it did not happen.

Dunn told officials that she was unsure that the girls were still together. She said Solomon was dropped off near McGregor's Bewley Park at around midnight on Thursday and may have been picked up shortly after.

Reports suggest that Aysha Cross' mother, Shannon Velles and Sara Dunn made all efforts to find both the teenagers. Dunn described,

"I want her to know that everything is OK. It doesn't matter what she has done. I want to tell her to just come home. We love you no matter what. Our door is open. Come home!"

Mothers of the girls and Texas authorities highlighted that the children are not in danger with the authorities or at their homes.

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