What happened to Bashurverse? Tributes pour in as sister confirms YouTuber’s death due to COVID

Bashurverse was a popular content creator (Image via YouTube)
Bashurverse was a popular content creator (Image via YouTube)

Brandon “Bashurverse” Ashur, also popularly known as Toasty Time, has been announced dead after battling COVID-19. His sister, Anesa Ashur, put out the tragic information on Facebook.

The American Minecraft YouTuber gained prominence online for uploading his series, “The Legend of Hobo”. However, his career dwindled after he confessed online that he had an unlawful transaction with a minor.

Since then, his uploads became sporadic, and his mental health deteriorated as well.

Bashurverse died at the age of 36 (Image via Discord)
Bashurverse died at the age of 36 (Image via Discord)

A message on Discord read:

“Unfortunately, our wonderful toast and bashurverse, Brandon, died last night due to covid. I held his hand while we kept him company, banjo music was playing. He luckily went as peacefully as peacefully as we could possibly make it, as the doctor told us he was past the point of no return, and we had a choice in how we should let him go.”

Who was Bashurverse?

The Kentucky resident, who moved to Australia, primarily uploaded Minecraft content after popular YouTube gamer Sky Does Minecraft boosted Bashurverse’s career by collaborating with him.

His subscriber rate grew tremendously after he collaborated with Minecraft content creators like ASFJerome and Captain Sparklez.

The Facebook post by his sister read:

“Brandon Dylan Ashur. There are so many things I could say, but I don’t think I could even put our lives into words if I wanted to. Why is this beast so terrible? Why did it have to get you? You have faced so many challenges in your 36 years, never would I imagine we would lose you to a pandemic. You are one of the strongest people I know and pushed through no matter what the Internet said, no matter what people wanted to think… you proved how amazing of a soul you are. I love you, to the moon and back.”

She continued:

“My brother fought COVID and unfortunately lost the battle. He has moved so many people through streaming. His 1.5 million on YouTube. The endless streamers on twitch. He fought so many demons, all while saving millions of people without even realizing it. I cannot believe this is happening. He withstood every stupid comment made by the people who wanted him to fail. He was amazing. He is amazing. I hate this so much.”

Bashurverse had accumulated over 1.58 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and was an active Twitch member who posted content under the name “Toasty.”

Tributes started pouring in on social media platforms after the information was announced online:

Bashurverse’s last tweet on August 26 included him speaking of his COVID treatment. He said:

“Another fun thing about having COVID, I get two shots in my stomach every day”.

Here’s hoping his family gets all the support and strength required to grieve Bashurverse’s passing.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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