Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers who deleted their channels

Sometimes, a creator's time on the platform has to end (Image via Tyler Dahlberg)
Sometimes, a creator's time on the platform has to end (Image via Tyler Dahlberg)

There is nothing more heartbreaking than revisiting your favorite Minecraft YouTuber after a few years and realizing they've deleted their channel or all their videos.

Minecraft creators have been around since the 2010s. Newer viewers of creators, like Clay "Dream," Nick "Sapnap," Tommy "TommyInnit" Simons, George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson, etc. could never picture their favorite creator deleting their channel. However, it's a very real phenomenon that those who grew up with older Minecraft YouTubers, such as the members of Team Crafted, know all too well.

It's not uncommon for creators to see a drop in views, a loss of subscribers, and decide that their passion for content creation is no longer worth pursuing without an audience. Some of these creators even grow tired of Minecraft itself and move on towards vastly different projects and games they're more passionate about.

In no particular order, we'll count down and pay tribute to the top five Minecraft YouTubers who deleted their channels, or all of their videos.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's views. It is up to the reader to decide which creators they, personally, would add to this list.

Top 5 Minecraft YouTubers who deleted their channels or all of their videos.

5) SkitScape

"Hepisodes." (Image via AntVenom)
"Hepisodes." (Image via AntVenom)

Tony "SkitScape" Catalfamo was a Minecraft YouTuber was best known for his content and collaborations with Taylor "AntVenom" Harris, Daniel "Cavemanfilms" Smith and, most notably, Dan "Fawdz" Peifer.

On October 21st, 2013 SkitScape suddenlystopped uploading around this time and quit working on his server. His friend and roommate at the time, Fawdz was the only source of updates for viewers on the whereabouts of their favorite creator.

On November 13th, 2014 Fawdz announced that SkitScape was currently moving out and heading back to New Mexico a few months prior. SkitScape took to his channel to upload his first updated video, titled: "Hey."

This update discussed in detail how his life had been, the current state of his friendship with Fawdz, his reasons for leaving in the first place, and his comeback.

On November 11th, 2015, almost a year after his initial update video, SkitScape tweeted:

"Yeah, I just don't want to anymore, guys. Not as SkitScape, at least. There will always be the, "Where's Dan?" kid."

Soon after this, he tweeted:

"Maybe you'll see me under a different name someday."

Shortly after, his channel went dark. All of his content had been deleted, except for a "liked videos," playlist that consisted mostly of animations. The only remnants left were his banner and logo.

On January 3rd, 2018 his dark channel saw a little bit of light for the first time in almost three years. SkitScape uploaded a snowboarding video to the, once abandoned, channel. The description section of this video states that viewers need not worry about the absence of his uploads, as they would return someday.

SkitScape has held true to his word, with his old content being completely re-uploaded, aside from a few episodes of his, "Shenanigans," series.

His presence online has been spotty since then, with another tweet of him stating that he would be away for the long-haul as of October 15th, 2019.

It's unknown whether or not SkitScape will return to Minecraft.

4) BajanCanadian

"Hey doods!" (Image via Pocket on YouTube)
"Hey doods!" (Image via Pocket on YouTube)

Mitch "BajanCanadian" Hughes was a Barbadian-Canadian Minecraft YouTuber who was most well known for his contribution to the collaborative group "Team Crafted," as well as his series participating in the Minecraft Hunger Games, which he uploaded alongside Jerome "ASFJerome" Aceti.

Mitch's hiatus began in March 2019. At the time, he wasn't actively uploading videos or collaborating with any of his fellow creators or friends.

On February 2nd, 2021 this hiatus took a dreadful turn. Mitch unlisted all of his old Minecraft content without any announcement. This has continued to bewilder and shock fans as they revisit his channel and find only the four Minecraft music videos he's done over the years. Some of his content is still, technically, viewable if fans look under the "playlist" section on his channel.

While the content on his main channel might've just been unlisted, his second channel, "Benja," (which was known for his vlogs and explosive, dangerous experiments done at his old house in Florida) had its content erased altogether.

Mitch has remained semi-active on his social media to this day, but he has never publicly talked about, or acknowledged, the unlisting of his old Minecraft content.

#3) Deadlox

"Don't do dis!" (Image via Sky Does Everything on YouTube)
"Don't do dis!" (Image via Sky Does Everything on YouTube)

Ty "Deadlox" Ellis was an American Minecraft YouTuber known for his collaborations with Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft" Dahlberg and Jason "MinecraftUniverse" Probst. He was also the founder of the collaborative group, "Team Crafted."

The deletion of Deadlox's old Minecraft content was a process that happened over time. After the birth of his first daughter, Lyla, in 2016 he turned over a new leaf and began to work towards creating family-friendly content. It was around 2017-2018 that his old channel content seemed to disappear completely, the likely reason being that this old content was much raunchier than his current projects.

Deadlox still has an online presence as he collaborates a lot with MrTop5 and actively releases Minecraft and Fortnite content. However, fans of his, now deleted, old content might find this new era hard to become accustomed to.

2) Bashurverse

"WHAT THE BALLS?" (Image via Bashurverse)
"WHAT THE BALLS?" (Image via Bashurverse)

Brandon "Bashurverse" Asher (better known online now as "TOASTY") was an American Minecraft YouTuber who erased himself from the internet a couple of years after his video addressing and explaining his criminal felony for unlawful transaction with a minor.

He explains in this video that his early life was incredibly difficult. His relatives adopted him when he was a teenager, and he met the girl that would become his first love when he was seventeen. She was the younger sister of one of Asher's best friends. When he came over to their house, she would talk to him and comfort him through the atrocities Bashur faced both at home and in school.

They later became a couple after developing feelings for each other. Bashur was eighteen at the time, and she had just turned fifteen.

Her parents were heavily disproving of their relationship, and hired a private investigator to secretly monitor them incase things went south. The couple reportedly became intimate online but never physically.

Bashur was arrested (and later released on bail) and charged with a first-degree felony for unlawful transactions with a minor under sixteen years of age on account of his chat history with his girlfriend at the time.

On April 24th, 2017, when Bashur was wrestling with intense amounts of backlash from the controversy for years, and the controversy won, he completely erased himself from the internet. This was out of fear for his mental health, and those who continued to unjustly call him a "rapist," and suffocate him with death threats. He changed the screen name of his YouTube channel to just a dash. The profile picture and banner have been blacked out as well.

All of his old Minecraft content has been deleted. His Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are also deleted.

His absence left fans devastated and worried. There had been rumors of suicide and even a couple of imposters making look-alike accounts and claiming to be Bashur. There was no telling how long this hiatus would last or if there would ever be a return for the Minecraft creator.

But he did return; now under the name "TOASTY." But his old content remains deleted.

1) MunchingBrotato

"HELLO EVERYBODY, JANET HERE!" (Image via AviatorGaming on YouTube)
"HELLO EVERYBODY, JANET HERE!" (Image via AviatorGaming on YouTube)

Tyler "MunchingBrotato" Christie is a Canadian Minecraft YouTuber known for his silly, loud, and spontaneous humor as well as his collaborations with Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft" Dahlberg and Kyle "Kkcomics."

Tyler's hiatus began in September 2015. After his announcement that he was moving away from Minecraft, he uploaded videos for a few months before dropping off completely.

Currently, his old channel and all of its old Minecraft content has been entirely deleted. Tyler has acknowledged fans' devastation over the loss of their adored creator's content, saying in response to a fan who inquired about his deleted channel:

"Sorry bud I deleted it all unfortunately. Lot of drama and stuff tainted a majority of that YouTube channel for me so I just kind of wanted it gone. But I appreciate the support man and glad you enjoyed my shitty content ahahah."

Tyler still occasionally streams, but because of his recent fatherhood he's been understandably preoccupied. Despite this, he's still very active on his Instagram.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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