What happened to Jackson Eyre? Five teenagers killed in Florida Top Golf crash

Jackson Eyre with his Family (Image via Twitter/@AMcDevittTV)
Jackson Eyre with his Family (Image via Twitter/@AMcDevittTV)

Four Texas Roadhouse employees were among the five teenagers who tragically lost their lives in a car accident when their vehicle crashed into a retention Pond near Top Golf Way, close to Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers. Authorities have said that the accident occurred between 10 pm on Sunday, June 25, 2023, and early morning Monday, June 26, 2023.

The victims included Jackson Eyre,18; Eric Paul, 19; Amanda Ferguson, 18; Breanna Coleman, 18; and Jesus Salina,18. All victims, except for Jesus Salina, worked together. The circumstances leading up to the accident are unknown at the moment, and the precise reason for the accident remains a mystery. Authorities found the car after the parents of the deceased teenagers reported them missing.

The investigation into the death of the Texas Roadhouse employees crash remains active

The victims had started working at Texas Roadhouse around the age of 16, and shuffled between the host station and the takeaway station. The Fort Myers Police Department, Fort Myers Fire Department, and the Lee County Sherriff’s Office reported to the site of the accident after the police received calls regarding the victims going missing.

Unfortunately, none of them survived. Speaking about the time they arrived at the scene, Fort Myers Police Department detective Kyle Martin remarked:

“We removed the vehicle from the lake…The investigation is in its very infancy. We’re still completing an investigation, so there’s not a whole lot of details we can provide as far as the mechanisms or what happened at the moment, so that’s still ongoing.”

The investigation into the accident is currently ongoing and authorities have requested leads regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident from the general public.

The colleagues of the victims at Texas Roadhouse bemoan their loss

The Texas Roadhouse outlet where Jackson Eyre and three other victims worked, held a memorial for the victims. On Monday, June 26, 2023, the flag of the restaurant flew at half-mast and framed photos of each victim accompanied by flowers were placed outside the restaurant.

It remained close to customers, and the staff and families of the victims were invited to commemorate the memory of the deceased.

Speaking regarding Jackon Eyre and the rest of the victims, Alan Hansen, the market partner for Southwest Florida’s nine Texas Roadhouses said:

“These four kids, they worked with us a lot. They spent a lot of time here. This is where we come together to break bread, at Texas Roadhouse here tonight, and their families are obviously welcome. We just want to recognize their lives and the good that they’ve done in our society and in our group here..”

Hansen reports that the restaurant plans to create a permanent memorial inside the premises for the victims of the accident.

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