What happened to Paty Navidad? Mexican actress hospitalized due to COVID, days after denying the virus "doesn't exist"

Mexican actress Paty Navidad has been hospitalized due to COVID (Image via Instagram)
Mexican actress Paty Navidad has been hospitalized due to COVID (Image via Instagram)

Mexican actress Paty Navidad was recently rushed to the hospital due to COVID-19 related complications. She was reportedly suffering from respiratory issues and required immediate medical attention.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2021, the artist was rescued from her residence by the Emergency Medical Resque Squad of an emergency clinic in Mexico City. She was also intubated upon admission as she failed to breathe on her own.

The hospitalization took place a few days after the actress denied the existence of COVID-19. She reportedly continued to deny the disease even after testing positive:

“I am not sick; I am completely healthy. No one in the world is infected with a 'lethal virus' without having a single symptom, as they now say is my case and that of several of my colleagues. Let’s say no to the fear of virus!”

Paty Navidad recently took part in MasterChef Celebrity Mexico. Reports suggest that she contracted COVID-19 from her colleagues after the virus broke out on the set of the show.

Who is Paty Navidad? Actress trolled on Twitter for remarks on COVID

Mexican actress and singer Paty Navidad (image via Getty Images)
Mexican actress and singer Paty Navidad (image via Getty Images)

Paty Navidad is a Mexican actress and singer. She was born as Ana Patricia Navidad Lara on May 20, 1973. The 48-year-old was passionate about singing since childhood and began her professional career when she was just 15 years old.

She earned a scholarship to the Center for Artistic Education in Mexico after winning the Miss Sinaloa contest. She ventured into acting after debuting with the 1993 film Los Parientes Pobres.

Paty Navidad rose to prominence with her appearance in the popular soap opera Sugar Cane Plantation of Passions.

She went on to star in popular Mexican telenovelas like The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl, Mariana of the Night, Zacatillo, and Por Ella Soy Eva, among others. She also released her own music albums like Instances and Mexican.

Her debut album sold more than 100,000 copies across the world and earned a gold record. She was awarded Queen of the Banda in the Carnival of Mazatlan in 2000.

However, Paty Navidad recently came under fire for her controversial remarks about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the actress allegedly stated that the pandemic is a false conspiracy manipulated by the government:

“No to the dictatorial and tyrannical new world order! No to fear, no to manipulation, and no to lies! I'm completely healthy.”

She was previously criticized for supporting former US President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Following Paty Navidad’s recent hospitalization due to COVID, the online community pointed out the ironic situation in reference to her statements about the virus. The actress was also trolled on Twitter for her comments regarding the pandemic:

In January 2012, Paty Navidad's Twitter and Instagram accounts were suspended for spreading false information regarding coronavirus.

As reactions continue to pour in online, the Mexican entertainment industry is hoping for Paty Navidad's fast recovery from the illness. The actress has reportedly not been vaccinated against COVID so far.

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