What happened to Sam Kim's father? Fans offer support in wake of the tragic shooting

Sam Kim
Sam Kim's father faces tragic death under an armed robbery (Image via Instagram/@leegititssam)

On January 26, 2023, Sam Kim's father, Kim Han-soo, was revealed as the victim of an armed robbery that took place in Seattle, Washington.

As the co-owner of a teriyaki restaurant located in Seattle, Kim Han-soo was present in the restaurant like any other day performing his duties, when an armed group of robbers entered the restaurant on January 13 at 8:30 PM, causing the death of the singer-songwriter's father.

Kim Han-soo was soon transported to a hospital after police gathered at the location of Rainier Teriyaki. However, after succumbing to the injuries caused by the gunshot to his chest that took place during the robbery, Kim Han-soo reportedly died at the age of 58.

Following his death, a funeral was held for the victim at a Seattle Church on January 24 that gathered a crowd of 200 people belonging to the Korean-American community. The current Consul General of the ROK Consulate General in Seattle was also present to honor the dead.

When the news hit his fans, they were shocked and sent their condolences and support to the singer. His agency has also informed the masses that he'll be spending some time off mourning the loss of his father.

Fans send their condolences to Sam Kim after the tragic death of his father, Kim Han-soo

It was revealed that Sam Kim's single, Don't Worry, which was originally written for his mother, has been shifted to dedicate the same to his father after the tragic incident.

The singer-songwriter supposedly changed the official lyrics of the song and performed it during his father's funeral ceremony, which brought tears to much of the audience present there.

very sad to hear that the restaurant owner who passed away in my city of seattle recently was actually the father of singer sam kim. sending prayers to sam kim and his family!
“On this day, it is known that Sam Kim sang a dedication song that changed the lyrics to 'Don't Worry', a song he wrote for his mother, to his father” I'M CRYING—

The singer's agency, Antenna Music, released an official statement confirming the legitimacy of the news that's caused many spurs on the internet and expressing their grievances about the same issue.

They stated:

We have confirmed that the news reported earlier today about the death of Sam Kim's father is true. We would ve grateful if you could convey your condolences to Sam Kim who lost his father so that your warmth could reach him and pray for the deceased. May he rest in peace.

From fans to fellow Korean music artists, including Jay Park, many sent their condolences to the singer-songwriter after hearing the news.

I'm sorry to hear the news about Sam Kim and his family today. It's heartbreaking after all the news this week 💔 you are not alone Sam. As a fan, I'm sending as much comfort, prayers, and healing energy as you need during this difficult time
[JP IGSTORY] Jay Park #박재범 shares his feelings about the news of Sam Kim’s father passing away after being shot during an armed robbery in SeattleCap:Come on Seattle…we gotta do better......Everyone please say a prayer for Sam Kim and his family👉…
You are still in our hearts even when we are apart / Don't worry about us, be happy / Don't cry Good
@KoreanUpdates what a shocking terrible news. rest in peace and my deepest condolences 🕊️🥀

About Sam Kim, the Korean-American singer-songwriter

Housed under the Antenna Music agency, Sam Kim is a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. The artist was scouted by the agency during his participation in the talent show K-pop Star 3 when he was still a runner-up.

He's well-known for his legendary OSTs in several K-dramas such as Confession in Cheer Up, Love Me Like That in Nevertheless, Breath in It's Okay To Not Be Okay, and more. Many have praised the artist for his outstanding vocals expressed in the songs and singles he's put forth.

Given the tough times for the artist, fans continue to send words of support and affection to help him through the grieving period and to heal from the tragedy of the incident.

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