What did Jeremy Bittner do? Miami biochemist charged over drugging and abusing women

(Jeremy Bittner/Twitter/Getty Images)
Bittner was accused of assault by at least three woman (Jeremy Bittner/Twitter/Getty Images)

On Monday, February 27, 41-year-old Miami biochemist Jeremy Bittner was arrested for reportedly abusing at least three women in his luxury condominium.

Trigger warning: This article contains references to assault.

According to NBC Miami, the three alleged victims made separate accusations against Jeremy Bittner. Two of them claimed that Bittner was a drug user, while one accused him of drugging her before abusing her while she was unconscious.

Jeremy Bittner is reportedly being held without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He has been charged with false imprisonment, possession of a controlled substance, multiple cases of s*xual assault, and battery-related charges.

The alleged victims of Jeremy Bittner speak out

The Independent stated that according to the October 29, 2022, arrest report, the first victim, an anonymous 25-year-old woman, told authorities that Bittner attacked her soon after he picked her up from the airport.

The woman claimed that after she arrived at Bittner's apartment, the suspect openly displayed ketamine, methamphetamine, and cocaine. He supposedly proceeded to use the cocaine before threatening her with a firearm and proceeding to physically abuse her at least twice.

A second victim, who was reportedly 47 years old, said she had been friends with Bittner for almost two years before he assaulted her on January 30, 2022. She said that when she arrived at his apartment, he was using drugs such as ecstasy and crack cocaine.

She said that subsequently, he offered her wine, which was said to have been drugged. Soon after, she fell unconscious.

The criminal complaint read:

“Shortly after consuming the glass of wine, she began to feel very drowsy and began to forget things, which made (the victim) feel as if (Bittner) drugged her by placing something in her drink."

A third woman, who was Bittner's neighbor, said that he assaulted her after she visited his apartment for a drink in February 2022. She said that soon after, he offered her cocaine, which she denied. Like the second victim, she accepted a drink, which she claimed was drugged. She told authorities that she eventually woke up on his couch after being assaulted.

In an official statement released via NBC Miami, Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez commended the three women for speaking out against Bittner.

Rodriguez said:

“The way I would categorize him is, is an individual who victimized at least three women. He has caused pain and suffering that will last for the remainder of their life I’m sure. Thankfully these women were brave enough to come forward."

He added:

“Ultimately our goal is to ensure that this man stays behind bars.”

Jeremy Bittner reportedly told officers that at least two of the interactions he had with the women were consensual, though authorities believe this is highly unlikely. He made his first court appearance on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

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