What did Linus Tech Tips do? Billet Labs controversy explained as YouTuber comes under fire

What did Linus Tech Tips do? (Image via Instagram/@linustech)
What did Linus Tech Tips do? (Image via Instagram/@linustech)

Popular YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips (LTT) is currently reeling under fire after sharing a critical review of Billet Labs. Following this, another tech YouTuber, Gamers Nexus, shared a video in which they called Linus Tech Tips out and said that the review was unfair and lacked accuracy.

Linus Tech Tips recently released a review of Billet Labs' 3090ti monoblock. In the review, LTT talked about the monoblock that was supposed to keep both the computer's main processor and the graphics processor cool.


Linus Gabriel Sebastian, who runs LTT, shared his thoughts about this product in the video. Linus used the water cooling block on a graphics card called the 4090. But it didn't work as expected.

Because the water cooling block didn't work well with the 4090 card, Linus Sebastian ended up saying in the video's conclusion that it's a "cool" idea but not a good product. He added that this product does not make any sense and people should not buy it.

What did Gamers Nexus say about Linus Tech Tips' review?

Gamers Nexus' Steve Burke shared a 44-minute video on August 14, 2023, in which he pointed out several issues with Linus Tech Tips's review of Billet Labs' monoblock product. In the video, Steve Burke said that there were mistakes with Sebstian's analysis when he was testing the monoblock cooler. Steve said that LTT's video was inaccurate and showed less effort.


Steve further pointed out that instead of re-filming the part with mistakes, Sebastian said in the video,

"You can’t put text on the screen after uploading a video anymore, which means when doing an asterisked correction, the creator is aware of that correction."

He further said in the video that LTT's own set time limit for making videos has affected their product reviews. Gamers Nexus concluded by saying that LTT's laziness in doing reviews can affect someone's lifelong work and can also mislead consumers.

Billet Labs creators also reacted to LTT's critical review of their product

One of the co-founders of Billet Labs, Felix Lure, said that LTT's review didn't show their product accurately. Felix said that their block was actually designed for a different graphics card called the 3090ti, and they had already told LTT's team about this.

Felix also said that the cooler can fit a 4090 version, but at that time, they didn't have a version that would support 4090. He concluded by saying:

"We assumed we’d have a chance to answer any problems that were raised and explain them before it being publicly misrepresented."

The Billet Labs company was founded in 2022 by Dean Quinlan and Felix Ure. They make PC water cooling products and are based in London, UK.

Linus in a statement said that he is sorry for getting the community's priorities mixed up on this one and that they didn't show Billet in the best light. He added that his intention was not to hurt anyone but the LTT did not want anyone to buy this product of Billet because they also want Billet to make something marketable. LTT further said that currently, Billet's product is not worth it.

Meanwhile, Linus Tech Tips' Sebastian has commented on this drama and said that he wanted to evaluate it as a product, and even if this product could manage to compete with the temperatures of the highest-end blocks on the planet, it still wouldn’t make sense to buy. He further said that their intention was not to harm Billet Labs with their review.

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