What does merge mean on Survivor season 42? Air time, game twist and more about episode 6

Episode 6 of Survivor 42 will air on April 13 (Image via jeffprobst/Instagram)
Episode 6 of Survivor 42 will air on April 13 (Image via jeffprobst/Instagram)

After episode 5, viewers will be eager to watch the next episode of Survivor season 42, which is expected to be full of twists and turns along with some surprising elements.

Fans are hoping that the upcoming episode will showcase a merge, which means that 2 to 3 tribes will come together to form one tribe, comprising of 8 to 13 members in the tribe. After merge, the contestants will have a new name for tribe, colour and game.

But the game changes after the merge. From being a team-effort competition, it turns into an individual game where contestants then compete for individual immunities and at times for rewards.

Air Time, Game Twist and more About Survivor Episode 6

The two-hour episode 6 of Survivor 42 will air on April 13, 2022 at 8:00 PM ET on CBS. The upcoming episode is titled as, You Can't Hide on Survivor and The Devil You Do or The Devil You Don't.

The trailer of the new episode hints at a merge, but with a twist, since the episode’s description also states that “castaways drop their buffs and rearrange tribes before an intense immunity challenge.”

The show's host, Jeff Probst, hinted at a surprise element, leaving the contestants as well as the viewers guessing for more,

“You will have power to change the game. What is the power, and what will you do with it.”

Recap of Episode 5 of Survivor 42

In episode 5 challenge round, players had to race up and over a tall net ramp with one player untangling braided ropes to release a key that unlocks a machete that is used to drop loads of sandbags. These sandbags were then needed to be shot at two targets.

Ika’s Rocksroy wins the challenge with his shot while Taku’s Jonathan comes second, leaving Vati in last place in the challenge. The first two tribes were safe from the Tribal Council.

During the elimination round, as no one played an advantage or an idol, Probst read the votes, leaving a tie between Chanelle and Daniel. After the revote, Daniel was eliminated from the show to the relief of many tribe members.

Will there be a merge on episode 6 of Survivor, as every contestant is expecting, and what will be the twist? All these questions will be answered in an exciting episode on Wednesday, April 13, at 8:00 PM E.T.

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