Who was eliminated from Survivor 42 episode 5? Elimination results and more about the CBS show

Daniel Strunk got eliminated on episode 5 (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)
Daniel Strunk got eliminated on episode 5 (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

After a challenging fourth week of Survivor 42 and the surprise elimination of Swati Goel, whose lies ultimately got caught, viewers were eagerly waiting for the next episode of the game show.

Episode 5 started off with Tribe Ika discussing the ouster of the 19-year-old Harvard student, bringing the tribe down to four members similar to Tribe Taku. Only Tribe Vati is leading with five members.

Elimination Result of Survivor 42 episode 5 Explored

In Survivor Season 42 Episode 5 titled, I’m Survivor Rich, the 30-year-old law clerk, Daniel Strunk, was eliminated from the show, which aired on April 6, 2022.

The episode synopsis reads:

“Patience is running thin for some of the tribe members; immunity is on the line, and one tribe gets tied up.”

In episode 5, following Swati Goel’s elimination, Rocksroy finds out why he was blindsided back at camp after Romeo explained that she lost his, Tori’s and Drea’s, trust by playing both sides and since Rocksroy made it clear he would not change his vote, they made their choices without him.

At Tribe Taku, Jonathan is annoyed over how much Maryanne and Lindsay talk. Later, a small fight between him and Maryanne made Jonathan plan with Lindsay to vote Maryanne out of Survivor 42.

Over at Vati, Chanelle and Daniel agreed to let “bygones be bygones” while Hai and Lydia strategize about voting Chanelle out. They later tell Mike and Chanelle that Daniel has been fishing with a spear after claiming he can’t compete in the swimming challenges because of the dislocated shoulder, shocking everyone.

At Ika, Romeo and Drea find the last three-way shared immunity idol, Drea grabs it first and Mike and Maryanne have the other two on Survivor 42.

For the challenge round, players will race up and over a tall net ramp with one player untangling braided ropes to release a key that unlocks a machete. The machete will be used to drop loads of sandbags that need to be shot at two targets.

The first two tribes to finish were safe from the Tribal Council, and they will be playing for a reward, a large tarp and a smaller tarp.

Rocksroy’s shot wins the challenge for Ika while Jonathan hits Taku’s second target, leaving Vati in the last place in Survivor 42.

During the elimination round, since no one played an advantage or an idol, host Jeff Probst read the votes naming Chanelle, Daniel, and Mike, leaving a tie between Chanelle and Daniel.

After the revote, Daniel was eliminated from Survivor 42 to the relief of many tribe members. But Mike was furious as he did not expect a vote against him. It was later revealed in the credit that it was Chanelle who voted for Mike and vice-versa.

What will happen next among the tribes will be known in the next two-hour episode 6 of Survivor 42, which airs on Wednesdays, 8/7c on CBS.

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