How rich is Jeff Probst? Inside “Survivor” host’s million-dollar salary and net worth

Survivor Season 41 host Jeff Probst (Image via Sportskeeda)
Survivor Season 41 host Jeff Probst (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jeff Probst is a well-known host of the highly anticipated reality show Survivor, and the remuneration he earns from the long-running CBS series makes him worth millions. The rich celebrity host is back on the show for Season 41, which premieres on Wednesday, September 22.

Famous for his line, “the tribe has spoken,” Jeff Probst has been the presenter of Survivor from the beginning, which gave him recognition and multiple Emmys.

Speaking about the new season, Probst said:

“For right now, where Survivor needs to go is with fresh faces, fresh voices, players who are of the moment, players who can let us watch them and learn.”

Survivor host’s million-dollar salary

As Jeff Probst is said to be lucky for the show’s success, the host is reportedly paid a whopping $8 million as salary per season. He is a talented presenter who has won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Host four times.

Apart from being a host, Probst has also served as an executive producer and writer for Survivor. His admiration for the show can be seen on his social media profiles, which have nothing but posts about the reality show.

Jeff Probst and his net worth

Jeff Probst has not always been a host. He is also the author of the children’s book Stranded and a feature film director-writer of Ryan Reynold’s 2002 flick, Finder’s Fee.

Journalist, television personality, actor, and ordained minister are also some of the 59-year-old’s professions. With multiple experiences, he has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

His love for classy and expensive cars

The multi-millionaire host owns an 8,000 square-foot home in Studio City, California, worth $5 million. Along with a luxurious “Monterey Colonial” style house, Jeff Probst is also known for his love for classy, vintage, and modern cars.

Jeff Probst has more than ten expensive four-wheelers, including a 2003 GMC Denali, 2006 Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander, 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, 1966 Corvette, 1966 Ford Mustang, Shelby Cobra, and Volkswagen Rabbit, among others. Apparently, his love for cars came from his father, who owned several classics.

Meanwhile, Jeff Probst will be seen on the islands of Fiji, where he will host Survivor Season 41. The show welcomes 18 contestants, including Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Liana Wallace, Shantel Smith, Brad Reese, Naseer Muttalif, Jairus Robinson, Sara Wilson, Ricard Foye, Genie Chen, Heather Aldret, Erika Casupanan, Evvie Jagoda, Sydney Segal, David Voce, Eric Abraham, Xander Hastings, and Tiffany Seely.

They will be divided into three tribes.

Survivor Season 41 will premiere on CBS on September 22 at 8 pm (ET).

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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