What did Method Man say about Kanye West? Rapper responds as 50 Cent shares viral old video on Instagram 

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Method Man is a member of Wu-Tang Clan. (Image via Getty/ Alex Wong)

50 Cent shared a throwback video of fellow rapper and record producer Method Man on his Instagram on Thursday, December 21. In the now-removed clip, Method Man was seen in a parking lot showing his dislike for Kanye West and saying how he saw the Yeezus rapper giving a bl*wjob in a bathroom at one of music mogul Diddy’s parties.

Trigger warning: This article contains the use of obscenities. Readers' discretion is advised.

The Instagram post was captioned by 50 Cent as follows:

"This has not been confirmed, but ya see why I stayed away from the man’s [Diddy] parties."

As soon as Method Man got the hint of 50 Cent’s post, he quickly responded by saying, “This video fake 5.. you and Diddy keep me out of this sh*t [three faces with tears of joy emoji].”

Later, he also added under the same comment section that the real video of what he previously said about Kanye West was on YouTube, and people believing the fake clip, as well as 50 Cent, should do their research and not fall “for the remix,” thus clarifying that the video was digitally manipulated.

50 Cent later took a screengrab of Method’s comment and posted it on his Instagram with the caption:

“I knew this one didn’t sound right (Diddy do it) coming! @bransoncognac @lecheminduro.”

Interestingly, Method’s original remark about West had no mention of Diddy.

All you need to know about Method Man’s past comments about Kanye West

As per Method Man’s revelation in 50 Cent’s Instagram post, the original 2011 video can indeed be found on YouTube. The footage begins with the Wu-Tang Clan member posing for photos with a couple of fans in a parking lot, before answering some questions from a reporter.

There, Method said how he specifically hated certain hip-hop blogs and gossip columnists of the era, including WorldstarHipHop, Bossip, and Wendy Williams among others. What he allegedly said about West around the one-minute mark was rhetorical, where he explained how rappers’ comments were often wrongly interpreted and then run by the bloggers to gain TRPs.

In the 2011 video, he can be heard saying:

“Sometimes it depends on what a n*gga says. They can say some controversial sh*t like, f*ck Kanye West, I hate that n*ked man, plus I see them get in one of our parties sucking d*ck in the back. Watch out for that sh*t though.”

Eventually, he clarifies that he wasn’t saying that the Kanye West anecdote was true, but rather using it as an example of what tabloids and gossip columns run with. Method Man also added how he loved Ye and people from the industry often have to stay on their toes, to avoid getting misquoted and discovering what they said five minutes back was now “all over the place.”

The All I Need to Get By rap artist also accused the likes of Wendy Williams and Bossip of hacking, to earn money, saying “they bribe other people’s backs and coattails to get where they are at and to get their positions.”

Method also said that a person could not even talk normally without fearing the repercussions anymore, adding he wanted to “start a movement” and if any websites spilled “bad energy” about his fellow artists, they would unite and expose them to the world.

“I hate y’all motherf*ckers… Get a f*cking life, b*tches. Coz if it was you, you would not like that sh*t… Y’all saying peace,” he wrapped up and moved on.

It is noteworthy that 50 Cent’s post was neither about Method Man nor about Kanye West, but rather a continuation of his dig at Bad Boy label producer Sean “Diddy” Combs. Diddy was first sued by R&B singer Casandra “Cassie” Ventura in November for alleged s*xual assault and other serious allegations, which was followed by several other lawsuits from women accusing him of r*pe.

Edited by Divya Singh