What is TikTok's red exclamation point? Symbol explained as DMs stop working on the platform 

Red exclamation show up on TikTok as app fails to send DMs (Image via Facebook/TikTok and Getty Image/Jasmin Merdan)
Red exclamation show up on TikTok as app fails to send DMs (Image via Facebook/TikTok and Getty Image/Jasmin Merdan)

Many TikTok users found it impossible to use the platform's messaging service on January 23. The user complained that every time they try to use the Direct Message (DM) feature, the app shows a red exclamation sign and the message fails to send.

Users have been tagging and notifying the app support system through in-app services as well as other social media platforms. The problem seems to have been fixed, but the company hasn't made an official statement yet.

What TikTok's red exclamation point mean

The red exclamation sign on many apps, including TikTok, denotes an error. The red exclamation appears when the app fails to send a message or comment.

This usually occurs when a user lacks a smooth internet connection, but because the recent incident involves numerous users, it can be safely assumed that the errors occurred from the app's server.

Additionally, here are a few ways to try and fix basic errors on the app:

  1. Log out - Login: Users can try the "age-old" restart option, where they can log out of the app and then try to log in. Sometimes, the app fixes itself after a simple reboot.
  2. Update: The app might glitch and show errors for minute coding updates. Users have to check on the app store if the app needs an update. If so, the update can fix a glitching app.
  3. Contact app support: Users who can access their account can contact support through the app's settings option. The support team can help the user fix some bugs.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, with a user base of over one billion. Many use the app for their business and other income sources, and such users need the app to run without hiccups. Meanwhile, there are multitudes of users who consume the app as their primary social media and connect with their friends and family.

Users take to social media to complain about the TikTok error

The glitch in the app caused annoyance to many users, who took to social media to complain about the same.

This is not the first time users have faced a glitch on the app. A few days ago, some users complained about video proportions getting distorted as they made uploads on the platform.

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