When is Corpse Husband's new song coming out? Release date and everything we know so far

Corpse Husband is releasing a new song (Image via Twitch/Corpse)
Corpse Husband is releasing a new song (Image via Twitch/Corpse)

Streamer and singer Corpse Husband had previously teased a new song he was working on. In a recent tweet, Corpse finally announced that he would be releasing his new track on Friday, September 3rd.

Corpse Husband had planned to release his song in August itself. However, fans will have to wait longer than they expected because the popular streamer messed up his calculations while deciding the song's release date.

The tweet from Corpse contained an audio message where he talked about his upcoming song and how he planned to release it on the last day of August. However, since songs are supposed to be released on Fridays, he will have to wait a little longer before finally releasing his new song.

"I may have made a few miscalculations. So, you're supposed to release music on Fridays. And, to my sheer dismay, August doesn't just coincidentally end on a Friday. However, September 3rd is a Friday, and that's in a couple days."

Corpse Husband to release his new song on September 3rd

The announcement by Corpse Husband comes as an exciting piece of news for his fans and friends. His new song is releasing on September 3rd, and while fans wish he had released it earlier, they are eagerly awaiting the release date.

Similar to his previous tracks, the new one will also be released on Spotify first. Moreover, if Corpse Husband feels like making a lyric video, he will also upload a video on his YouTube channel.

Based on his previous leak, Corpse's new song is a little loud but is definitely a masterclass in his genre with catchy lyrics and rhythm. The little sneak peek wowed millions of his fans who are eagerly waiting for September 3rd.

Valkyrae and fans react to Corpse Husband announcing his new song

Valkyrae was with Corpse Husband on his stream when he leaked a sneak peek of his upcoming song. She sounded extremely thrilled for such a fantastic song and has promised all her support to her friend on Friday, September 3rd when he finally releases the song.

Apart from Valkyrae, other Corpse Husband fans are also excited about his upcoming song.

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