5 heartbreaking details about Corpse Husband that you're not ready for

Corpse Husband fan art (Image via Corpse Husband/Twitter)
Corpse Husband fan art (Image via Corpse Husband/Twitter)

The deep voice and charismatic personality of Corpse Husband has the internet going crazy for him. To many, the streamer might be the man of their dreams, and everything about him might just seem perfect. However, there are various details about him that will certainly break fans' hearts.

It's no secret that Corpse Husband's face is the internet's most preserved mystery. The reason why Corpse doesn't like showing his face on the livestream is as heartbreaking as the one behind his heavy voice that fans are crazy for.

Ranging from a tough childhood to an adulthood filled with poor mental and physical health, Corpse Husband has lived a life far from perfect. Fortunately, he has never let these get in the way of his streaming and making his fans happy.


Most heartbreaking details about Corpse Husband


Corpse Husband might have a breathtaking voice, but it is not because of fabulous genetics but actually due to chronic digestive disease. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach.


This constant acid reflux in his throat is the reason why Corpse Husband has such a heavy voice and contrary to popular belief, it is not a gift. Instead, Corpse has to take multiple medicines for the same, and he has often complained that it hurts.

#4 Eyepatch

The eyepatch in the popular Corpse Husband avatar is not for design. Instead, it serves a real purpose, as the streamer actually wears one while playing games or streaming.

Corpse Husband's eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Therefore, it hurts if the streamer sits in front of his PC and looks at the screen for longer durations.

Corpse Husband's unusual voice gets the best reaction from streamers (Image via Looper)
Corpse Husband's unusual voice gets the best reaction from streamers (Image via Looper)

#3 Family Issues

Corpse Husband comes from a broken family where his father abandoned him and his mother fairly early in his childhood. Even with his single mother, Corpse could never bond well with her, and after a few years passed, he too started living alone.

Many people wonder why the streamer lives alone. However, what they don't know is that this has always been his comfort zone.

#2 Agoraphobia

Image Via Sportskeeda
Image Via Sportskeeda

One of the most popular songs by Corpse Husband is 'agoraphobic,' and the inspiration for the song comes from nowhere else but within himself. The streamer prefers to stay indoors rather than go outside and only heads out when he has a doctor's appointment.

This fear of public spaces is yet another reason why the streamer doesn't make any public appearances and ensures that his private life remains private.

#1 Corpse Husband face reveal

Many streamers and content creators reveal their faces after becoming famous. However, Corpse Husband hasn't done so even after gaining millions of followers across social media and Twitch.

The reason why Corpse prefers streaming without a face cam is because of his severe anxiety issues. The streamer has developed severe anxiety given his troubled life, and it would be hard for him to stream if he knows thousands of people are looking at him.

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