When does the Shamrock Shake come out in 2022? Release date, secret ingredient, and about the McDonald's special

Shamrock Shake was invented by Hal Rosen in 1967 as a seasonal treat for St. Patrick's Day (Image via McDonald's)
Shamrock Shake was invented by Hal Rosen in 1967 as a seasonal treat for St. Patrick's Day (Image via McDonald's)
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Global Fast Food Company McDonald's is bringing back its Shamrock Shake ahead of St. Patrick's Day.

On February 9, McDonald's said that its famous mint-flavored shake would be returning to nationwide food stores for a limited period of time.

Aside from the shake, the customers will also see the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry on the menu. The cold dessert made its first debut in February 2020 to commemorate the shake's 50th anniversary.

shamrock shake is back 2.21 ☘️ made some fanart using #cbf2ac 🎨 drop urs in the replies

In an official statement, the fast-food chain said:

"The only thing more refreshing than the delicious taste of a Shamrock Shake is its unmistakable minty-green hue.

Shamrock Shake release date and secret ingredient

McDonald’s reveals the hex code for the color of the Shamrock shake: #cbf2ac

The iconic Shamrock Shake will be available at the restaurant chains for a limited period of time, starting on February 21, 2022.

Selected McDonald's chains will offer the drink to the fans to get into the holiday spirit ahead of St. Patrick's Day, which will be celebrated on March 17, 2022.

Although the seasonal shake has been available since the 1970s, it went on sale nationally in 2012.

The fast-food chain also gave away a secret ingredient that makes the seasonal drink so iconic.

"And this year, for the first time, we’re letting our fans in on the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes this dessert so iconic... #cbf2ac, the hex code for the official Color of Shamrock SZN.”

The hex code gives the shake its unique minty green color. In another teasing announcement, McDonald's promised fans a second "tasty secret" on February 21. Customers were encouraged to use a previously revealed hex code to unlock another mystery "if they knew where to look."

The iconic dessert was invented by Hal Rosen, a Connecticut McDonald's owner and operator, in 1967 as a seasonal treat for St. Patrick's Day.

Heard the shamrock shake was coming back to @McDonalds for a limited time starting the 21st. 🤐

McDonald's had previously launched versions of the shake. They introduced the Shamrock Sundae in 1980, which is a combination of vanilla ice cream topped with mint green syrup. But, the product did not sell well, and it was withdrawn after a year.

In 2017, McDonald's introduced many versions of the shake, including the Shamrock Chocolate Shake, Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, Shamrock Mocha, and Shamrock Hot Chocolate.

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