Where was Karen Kingston last seen? Family expresses concern over last contact in Mexico 

Karen Kingston (Image via Amy?X)
Karen Kingston (Image via Amy?X)

Karen Kingston, a self-proclaimed Pfizer whistleblower who published a video on August 6, 2023, stating that she had been put on a CIA assassination hit list after speaking out on alleged vaccine bioweapons, is reportedly missing in Mexico.

Kingston, who claimed to be a former worker of Pfizer and to have "irrefutable" proof that the COVID vaccines were bioweapons containing graphene oxide, has reportedly vanished.

The disappearance comes in the wake of Kingston posting a video on August 6, in which she claimed that she was being targeted by the CIA for blowing the whistle on the alleged vaccine cover-up.

Kingston's concerned family is now considering reporting her missing after she was last heard from on August 9, 2023, when she contacted her brother from Mexico.

In an email statement on August 14, 2023, Kingston’s family asked people to cease speculating about her claims in the August 6 video. They implored people to pray for her safe return instead and avoid postulating on Kingston’s unverified claims about the CIA and the vaccine. They said:

“Our concern, as is all yours, is for the health and safety of Karen. We have not asked you to stop praying for Karen or expressing concern for Karen. We are extremely appreciative of the outpouring of support for Karen. We are simply requesting an end to the speculation and politicization of Karen’s statements.”

Who is Karen Kingston? All about the alleged Pfizer whistleblower in the wake of her disappearance

On August 14, 2023, Karen Kingston’s concerned family issued a statement announcing they “have taken the necessary steps to officially report Karen as a missing person in Mexico.”

Concerns were raised after Kingston, who was visiting Mexico, failed to contact her family for weeks after last speaking to her brother on August 9, 2023. The statement published by blogger Rebel Patient read:

“Since Karen arrived in Mexico, we have maintained continuous communication with her since July 30, 2023. However, her last confirmed location was on August 9, 2023.”

Kingston’s disappearance comes in the wake of the alleged Pfizer whistleblower publishing a video on August 6, 2023, alleging that she was being targeted by the CIA. In the video, Kingston called out Dr Robert Malone and asked him to call off the CIA.

Robert Malone, a medical doctor and an infectious-disease researcher, is known to have made unverified statements alleging that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might actually make COVID-19 infections worse. However, it should be noted that Malone’s claims were rooted in misinformation as COVID vaccines have helped prevent and lessen the severity of symptomatic coronavirus infections.

Karen Kingston, who claimed to be an ex-employee of Pfizer, also believed that the vaccines allegedly exacerbated COVID-19 infections as they contained graphene oxide that induces cell toxicity and weakens immunity.

Kingston claimed that the COVID-19 shot was a biological weapon masquerading as a vaccine. For two years, Kingston went on multiple podcasts peddling misinformation about the vaccines that have since been disproved. It should be noted that Kingston’s claims are categorically false. Associated Press citing research documents debunked the theory stating that none of the approved vaccines, including Pfizer, contain graphene oxide in their ingredients.

However, Karen Kingston’s sudden disappearance has stirred up conspiracy theories online after she claimed that she was on the CIA hit list.

Meanwhile, her family, who have expressed concern about her whereabouts, have asked people to refrain from politicizing the situation. Her family also revealed that several weeks ago Karen Kingston was suffering from malaria noting that her recent behavior strongly indicated that she was suffering from the symptoms of the disease.

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