Who is Aliia Roza? Former Russian spy claims Vladimir Putin will stop at nothing to win against Ukraine

Aliia Roza (Image via Aliia Roza/Instagram)
Aliia Roza (Image via Aliia Roza/Instagram)

Former Russian spy Aliia Roza, who trained in the same military program as Vladimir Putin, claimed that the Kremlin will stop at nothing to win the war against Ukraine.

In an interview with Jam Press, Roza spoke out on Putin's capability to do the needful in order to win the ongoing war. Roza noted that the Russian president is used to conquering whatever he wants and would not accept anything less than that. She stated:

"I was trained in the same military program as Putin and we learned how to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation. Mr. Putin always wins; he can’t lose this war and back up, because it will damage his reputation.... He will go ’til the end."

According to Roza, Putin’s aim is to “have full control of Ukraine” and replace Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a new leader. She also mentioned how her family and friends in both Ukraine and Russia are scared of Putin's reign. Roza told the outlet:

"Putin’s strategy is obvious — don’t let NATO place any rockets or weapons in Ukraine, and he will do everything to achieve his goal. But he didn’t expect that Ukrainians would fight back and have support from the whole world."

Roza spoke on the fact that while older Russians are hesitantly supporting Putin, many young soldiers feel disheartened. She claimed:

"I speak with them [family and friends] every day and they tell me that Russians over 45 are following Putin’s regime because they are scared. Russian soldiers are usually not the ones who can choose to go to the war or not, there is the order — they have to follow it."

Aliia Roza is now a fashion model and TV presenter

Aliia Roza is now a Los Angeles-based producer, fashion model, TV presenter, actress and philanthropist. Born in the USSR, Roza served as a military personnel, a Russian spy and a police officer at the age of 18.

Roza made headlines last year when she claimed she fell in love with a man named Vladimir, a target she was supposed to honeytrap and gather intelligence on during her first mission as a spy in 2004. She previously told Jam Press:

"For my first task, I had to pretend I was a pr****tute so I could go to a club and seduce the leader of a criminal gang which was supplying drugs into the country. It was just crazy, I was hanging out with these baddies who would fight each other and kill each other."

However, her intentions were discovered by Vladimir's associates. She noted:

"They put me into the car, they dropped me into the forest, it was so dark, and 10 men started beating me. But Vladimir saved me from being killed."

Following Vladimir's death, Aliia Roza married a Russian oligarch in 2006. But her husband was jailed and later succumbed to death in prison. She then went on to flee Moscow with her young son, Platon. She went to Switzerland first and then to London before settling in California.

Graduating with a master's degree in fashion, Roza established her own fashion public relations agency called Roza PR. She has worked with brands like Chopard, Cartier, Balmain, Rolls Royce, and Roberto Cavalli.

Roza, who has served as the face of luxury diamond brand Damiani, has appeared in Vanity Fair, Woman Sense, and Tatler, among other magazines. She also acted as a TV presenter for CBS, MTV Russia, and as a red carpet fashion presenter in Miami.

The 36-year-old philanthropist has organized charity events and galas in Cannes, Monaco, London, Paris, and Marbella. Roza was also crowned Miss Asia 2017 and received the award for Best Women's Empowerment Influencer during the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Aliia Roza currently leads a lavish life in the United States.

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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