Who is Lexi Reed? Weight loss influencer hospitalized with organ failure

Wight loss influencer Lexi Reed was kept in a medically induced coma (Image via fatgirlfedip/Instagram)
Wight loss influencer Lexi Reed was kept in a medically induced coma (Image via fatgirlfedip/Instagram)

Weight loss influencer Lexi Reed has been admitted to the hospital and is getting “back to health” after being put on the ventilator. On Thursday, the 31-year-old’s husband Danny shared on Instagram that she was kept in a medically induced coma.

He also shared that she is being kept in dialysis but does not have insurance to cover medical bills.

Danny told her Instagram followers that she kept getting sick and could not keep any food down. To add to the symptoms, Lexi also started acting differently, which pushed him into admitting her to the ICU. He was also told that Reed’s organs began failing.

Danny shared that the doctors told him:

“If I had waited, it’s possible she could have died.”

Reed’s family has not shared the reasons behind the organ failure.

The influencer is best known on Instagram for chronicling her two-year weight loss journey. She shared how she lost 312 pounds “naturally” with a sustainable diet and workout regime.


Where is Lexi Reed from?

The social media star is from Indiana and has documented her health journey on Instagram, where she has amassed 1.2 million followers. Lexi Reed shares her life on the social media platform under the username @fatgirlfedup. She kept her weight loss goal as a New Year’s resolution, suggested by her friends in 2016.

Along with having a massive presence on Instagram, she also runs a site called DietBet, where participants challenge each other to lose weight. Money is also at stake, keeping people motivated to perform well during their journey.

Reed shared with People magazine in 2018 that she was challenged to go 30 days without consuming soda, alcohol, or splurging on eating out and cheating meals. She told the magazine:

“We started cooking, meal prepping, tracking our calories, and reading nutrition labels.”

While sharing her drastic body transformation, she added:

“it wasn’t about the weight that we lost but the life we gained.”

After her weight loss journey, Lexi Reed went through skin removal surgery to remove the remnant loose skin. She got it removed from her stomach and planned to remove more in the future.

Following covid coming into being, the weight loss influencer shared that the pandemic had set her back on her health journey. Last September, she shared a picture of herself at her heaviest. However, Lexi said that she was “still happy to be alive after fearing I’d miss 30 and I’ll never go back to where I was.”

Her latest Instagram post before her health update was on January 3, where she created a new weight loss game for 2022.

Since Lexi Reed’s admission to the hospital, Danny has not shared any other updates. He has told followers that the family is considering setting up a GoFundMe fundraiser.

Edited by Ravi Iyer