Who is Beatriz Flamini? Spanish woman leaves cave after spending 500 days alone

Beatriz Flamini spent 500 days inside a cave (Image via alec_sim/Twitter)
Beatriz Flamini spent 500 days inside a cave (Image via alec_sim/Twitter)

Madriz resident Beatriz Flamini came out of an underground cave after living in the same place for 500 days. Located in southern Spain, the cave is around 70 meters underground, and Flamini went inside the cave on November 20, 2021.

Flamini came out of the cave on April 14 at 9 a.m. and visited a doctor and psychologist to undergo a health checkup. She later spoke about the entire experience in a press conversation.

The activity was a part of the Timecave project, which aimed to check the abilities of a human being if he or she has to reside underground for a long time. Although her team is confident that she has broken the record for surviving the longest time underground, the Guinness Book of Records has yet to confirm the claim.

While speaking to the press outside, Flamini revealed that she habituated herself to normal activities like book reading, painting, and others and that she lost count in only 65 days. She added that she had to face a fly invasion where the bugs were entirely on top of her.

Stating that it was a thrilling experience, Flamini said that anyone living in such a condition needs to remain conscious and that no one should panic if they are afraid.

About Beatriz Flamini and her experience inside the cave

Beatriz Flamini had to face a fly invasion inside the cave (Image via ElNecio_Cuba/Twitter)
Beatriz Flamini had to face a fly invasion inside the cave (Image via ElNecio_Cuba/Twitter)

Beatriz Flamini is an elite sportsperson, mountaineer, and climber. She took part in a scientific experiment where she lived in a cave with 1,000 liters of water and a number of books. Although she was in a cave, she remained in touch with the scientists through messaging technology. She even told her team to avoid speaking to her about the things going on outside the cave.

Flamini said that she was well-prepared in terms of her mental strength and that there was nothing else inside the cave except silence. She added:

"It's true that there were some difficult moments, but there were also some very beautiful moments – and I had both as I lived up to my commitment to living in a cave for 500 days."

Beatriz mentioned that she was trying her best to enjoy the whole experience and tried to divert her mind in the best way possible. She was recording everything with two cameras, and there were a few situations where she felt like she had to get out. Addressing the fly invasion, she said:

"They came in, they laid their larvae and I didn't control it and so I suddenly ended up enveloped by flies. It wasn't that complicated, but it wasn't healthy … but that's just what it was."

Flamini disclosed that she was sleeping when the team came down to get her out, and she was shocked as she felt like something had happened. She added that while she was coming out, she felt like she had not seen the light for a long time and wanted to be there as soon as possible.

Beatriz Flamini said that she has not gone for a shower all these days and is still prepared to go for another 500 days if needed. Flamini was questioned about why she was happy after coming out, and she replied that it was because she had fulfilled her dream.

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