Top 5 strangest Guinness World Records set so far

Strangest Guinness World Records set so far (Image via USA Today, @OverDrive1050/Twitter, Guinness World Records)
Strangest Guinness World Records set so far (Image via USA Today, @OverDrive1050/Twitter, Guinness World Records)

People come up with endless inventive and creative ways to break or create Guinness World Records. It is a result of basic human yearning to be acknowledged for one's uniqueness or for carrying out distinctive tasks.

Numerous records are fascinating to learn about, such as the world's smallest man (21.5 inches tall) or the world's tallest standing jump (4 ft 10 in upon a platform). Certain world records are completely bizarre, such as the farthest eyeball pop or the world's largest onion.

These classifications are presented to the Guinness World Records. Some are created from scratch while others just break the previous records. To show appreciation for these strange accomplishments, here is a list of five strangest records created till date.

Five strangest Guinness World Records set so far

1) Largest Paradise Cocktail


Snoop Dogg is a renowned name in the music industry. To add another feather to his illustrous capp, the rapper is also a record holder.

Calvin Cordozar, nicknamed Snoop Dogg, is inextricably tied to The Paradise Cocktail, courtesy of his popular track Gin and Juice in 1993.

Multiple individuals alongside Snoop Dogg, such as Warren G, hold the Guinness World Record for mixing and presenting the gigantic tumbler, which held around 145.2 gallons of gin and juice at a music festival in Napa, California in 2018.

2) Farthest eyeball pop

Kim Goodman with her farthest eyeball pop in 2007, Istanbul (Image via Guinness World Records)
Kim Goodman with her farthest eyeball pop in 2007, Istanbul (Image via Guinness World Records)

Eyeball displacement or protruding eyes is referred to as proptrosis. In 2007, Kim Goodman set a Guinness World Record for protruding her eyes 12mm (0.47 in) further than their sockets.

To determine the pop, an optometrist is required to use a proptometer and the ultimate outcome is calculated as an average of three readings. Kim developed her skills and can now protrude her eyes at command.

3) Largest onion


Tony Glover from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, was inducted into the books of record holders by cultivating the world's largest onion. It weighed 8.5 kg (18lb 11.84 oz), making GLover dive headfirst into the record book on September 12, 2018.

4) Most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime


McDonald's lovers have an unending fondness for the legendary Big Mac. Regardless of others claiming to be Big Mac fans, nobody has beaten Donald Gorske, a Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, native.

Throughout his lifespan, Donald has eaten the most number of Big Macs - 28,788 to be exact - rounding up to about 14 burgers each week. He was placed amongst other Guinness World Records and is commonly known as the Big Mac enthusiast.

5) Most spoons balanced on the body


Abolfazal Saber Mokhtari from Karaj, Iran, made a name for himself in the Guinness World Records for balancing the highest number of spoons on his body. He mastered his ability to an extent that he could admittedly balance or glue another person his his body.

According to the rules of this record, he was expected to keep the spoons balanced on his body for a given period of time.

When asked regarding the boundaries of this extraordinary ability, Mokhtari stated that he hasn't encountered any limitations yet and can balance about anything.

However, breaking the previous record for the same was a long and difficult journey for Mokhtari despite his uniqueness.

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