Who is Caleb Wallace? GoFundMe page raises almost $30,000 as anti-masker who organized rallies against COVID battles for his life

Caleb Wallace and his family (Image via Crooks and Liars, and Facebook/JessicaCalebWallace)
Caleb Wallace and his family (Image via Crooks and Liars, and Facebook/JessicaCalebWallace)

Caleb Wallace, leader of the anti-masker group "San Angelo Freedom Defender," has been fighting for his life after contracting COVID-19. The 30-year-old has been on ventilator support and has been heavily sedated at the ICU at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo since August 8.

His wife Jessica Wallace organized a GoFundMe fundraiser for Caleb on August 8, which raised around $30,000. On August 28, Jessica updated the donors on Caleb Wallace's health.

She said:

"Caleb won't make it much longer. He will be moved to comfort care tomorrow, and I will get to be there with him until it's his time to return to our father in heaven."

She added:

"To those who wished him dead, I'm sorry his views and opinions hurt you. I prayed he'd come out of this with a new perspective and more appreciation for life."

Who is Caleb Wallace, and how did he get sick?


Caleb Wallace is known for founding a local anti-mask group in San Angelo, Texas. The group was named "The Freedom Defenders." The Texan has been in hospital since July 30. He is also the State Coordinator for the West Texas Minutemen (Project).

Wallace is also the father of three girls with another child expected on September 27. He was also hesitant to get professional medical help once he started experiencing COVID symptoms on August 26.

Jessica told GoSanAngelo:

"Every time he would start to cough, it would turn into a coughing attack, and then that would cause him to go out of breath completely."

According to her, Caleb also started taking high doses of Vitamin C, zinc aspirin, and an inhaler. Furthermore, he took ivermectin (an antiparasitic drug usually meant to deworm horses).

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had incidentally urged people not to take ivermectin via a tweet on August 21.

Jessica also mentioned that Caleb was hesitant to get tested for COVID:

"He didn't want to see a doctor because he didn't want to be part of the statistics with COVID tests."

In his column on, Caleb Wallace mentioned:

"With so few kids getting sick from this virus and so little evidence that masks worked for anyone, why isn't your administration taking into account the harmful effects of masking on children?"

Wallace further iterated:

"What have been the benefits of lockdowns and masking? I say to you that there is ZERO benefit to this continued practice."

In her interview with GoSanAngelo, Jessica labeled this period as a "humbling, eye-opening experience."

Based on the current prognosis of the doctors, as recalled by Jessica, Caleb Wallace is unfortunately not expected to survive COVID.

Edited by Ravi Iyer