Who is Emira D'Spain? All you need to know about Victoria's Secret's first black transgender model 

Emira D'Spain Victoria's Secret's first black transgender model (Image via xoxoemira/Instagram)
Emira D'Spain Victoria's Secret's first black transgender model (Image via xoxoemira/Instagram)
Gargi Harjai

TikTok star Emira D'Spain has just made history by becoming the first black transgender model. She is a model, content creator, and a very talented influencer. She is known as @xoxoemira who posts larger-than-life Get Ready with Me videos. She brings forward the latest beauty trends and now inclusivity to Victoria's Secret.

The star posted a video where she collaborated with the label to make a Valentine's Day TikTok, which gave a message to enjoy Valentine's Day even when they are single.

Who is Emira D'spain?

Emira D'Spain, currently based in New York, was born in Dubai and raised in Dallas.

Emira D'Spain posts beauty content on her social media handles, and in the past year she has gained a loyal TikTok following. She has racked up over 773,000 followers and has received over 10 million likes on her short videos.

The star can definitely get you to buy your next blush in the makeup kit. The star's reach is so expansive that she caused Charlotte Tilbury's Beauty Light Wand in the shade of pinkgasm to sell out.

The star is 25-years-old and celebrates her birthday on October 11. She even celebrated her birthday this year with all her fans while sharing a post about her first big birthday bash. She believes in astrology and talks about having Libra energy constantly on her IG stories and lives.

The star also has a Snapchat show called Snatchural, where she tries out viral beauty trends and flaunts the beauty products that she likes. She is a resident beauty expert at Paper magazine.

Emira is signed with marketing agency CollXab, which was co-founded by Andrew Warren. The company has helped the star be signed to many big campaigns for brands such as Ugg, Nars, Google, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Fenty Beauty.

Even though she is a relatively new model, she has built a huge reputation in the industry and wants to inspire others. She wants to see a change in the fashion industry and made the following statement in an interview with USA Today,

“I want to empower young trans women and men around the world to show them that the beauty and fashion industries are changing, especially if you are a POC.” “I am so grateful to work with Victoria’s Secret and hope this paves the way for those after me.”

We certainly hope to see a change in the industry in this positive light. This is a new step taken by the label and the fans love it. What are your views on this positive change?

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