Who were Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats? Two models found dead in Los Angeles spark serial killer fears online 

Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats (Image via Madeleine Case Tweets/X)
Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats (Image via Madeleine Case Tweets/X)

Earlier this month, two aspiring models Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats, were found dead in their LA apartments days apart. Their deaths deemed suspicious by law enforcement, have sparked serial killer fears online due to the similarities in the case, including their age, occupation and location.

Nichole Coats, a 32-year-old aspiring model who worked as a part-time sales rep, was found dead inside her apartment by her father on September 10, 2023. While Coats' family is still awaiting the coroner's report, they said that the circumstances surrounding the death were suspicious.

Meanwhile, two days later, Maleesa Mooney, the 32-year-old sister of Guyanese singer Jourdin Pauline, was found dead in her downtown Los Angeles high-rise apartment located five minutes from Coats' residence on September 12, 2023. Mooney was also an aspiring model who worked as a real estate agent for Nest Seekers International. Law enforcement is investigating the death as a homicide.

While Mooney was found dead by the police on September 12, her family said that they requested a welfare check days earlier after they stopped hearing from her on September 7, 2023. Police, who showed up at her apartment on September 10, 2023, on report of a welfare check, left after the model did not answer her door.

Two days later, on the insistence of the family, they returned to the apartment and with the help of the building manager managed to access the residence, where they found the victim dead.

Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats were found dead inside apartments located 3 miles apart

The recent suspicious deaths of two aspiring models, Maleesa Mooney and Nichole Coats, who were found dead inside their apartments located 3 miles apart, have sparked serial killer fears online. The theories started because of the similarities in the two cases including both families stopped hearing from them on September 7.

The victims' families also expressed fears that there might be a serial killer on the loose and urged young black females in the area to stay vigilant. Coats' mother, Sharon, told Eyewitness News that the family suspected that there was more to the deaths of the two black women.

"I'm devastated that it happened to Nicole. This is horrible... it's like a dream, that my daughter's going to walk through the door and she's not. She's gone," she said. "I'm just trying to piece everything together, but I still feel that something fishy is going on."

Furthermore, Nichole Coats’ mom revealed that the last time her daughter was seen alive, she was in the company of four friends in her apartment who subsequently left, but the model stayed inside.

"She had four friends go into... her apartment. I don't know how long they stayed there. They came out, but Nikki didn't come out. This was on Friday," Sharon said.

Incidentally, last week, shortly after her sister was found dead, Jourdin Pauline said that Maleesa had a group of friends over at her Los Angeles apartment. However, her friends left the apartment, but she stayed behind.

Coats' mom said that people are being interviewed at the apartment building. Meanwhile, the LAPD investigating the case told ABC that it’s too soon to determine if the two cases could be linked, as the cause of death is still unknown.

As previously reported, Maleesa Mooney, is the 32-year-old sister of Guyanese singer Jourdin Pauline, a "trap-pop" singer with impressive followers on instagram.

In her old interviews, Jourdin Pauline had said that her family, including Mooney, were originally from Guyana, a small country in South America. According to her website, Jourdin Pauline and her Sister Maleesa Mooney grew up in the South Los Angeles' Hyde Park neighborhood after moving to the city at the age of 6.

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