Who is Morgan Osman? Viral Instagram famous flight video sparks hilarious memefest online

Who is Morgan Osman? (Image via snip from Instagram/@officialmorganbritt)
Who is Morgan Osman? (Image via snip from Instagram/@officialmorganbritt)

A 20-second video of a woman identified as Morgan Osman is now doing rounds on the internet. In the video, Osman was seen taking out her luggage from an overhead compartment while abusing and hurling cusses at her co-passenger.

Disclaimer: This article contains references to strong language. Readers' discretion is advised.

Following this, as she was walking on the aisle, she noticed that someone was filming her. In response, she exclaimed:

"Film me! I am Instagram famous, you f*cking bum."

She continued to cuss the other travelers on her way out. In the video, the flight passengers were also heard laughing at her.

Currently, there are no details about when and where this incident took place. What prompted Osman to abuse her co-passengers also remains unclear.

Morgan Osman is an Instagram influencer and also appeared on a reality show in 2010

While NY Post reported that Morgan Osman is quite popular on Instagram and boasts nearly a million followers, at the time of writing, her Instagram account seemed to have been deleted.

As per ladbible, she is from Miami, Florida and appeared on the reality show Bad Girls Club in 2010. However, she was removed from the show during the second episode as she broke into the producer's room.

Osman also appeared on the VH1 reality series Miami Monkey in 2013. This series lasted for a year and was eventually shut down. Before making her TV debut, she used to work as a bartender, as per StoryWithAbhi.

Social media users shared hilarious reactions to Morgan Osman's viral flight fight clip

As social media users came across the viral clip of the woman on the flight, they were left in splits. Many even mocked her for saying she was "Instagram famous."

The incident involving Morgan Osman is not an isolated one.

Recently, a video of another woman having a meltdown on a flight began making rounds online. In the video, she was seen yelling that someone "at the back is not real."


The woman, who was eventually identified as Tiffany Gomas, was on a flight bound for Orlando. She has not yet shared details about what she saw on the flight that led to the meltdown.

Several people compared the 'not real' video to the viral clip of Morgan and said that this seems to have become normal behavior these days. It is also worth noting that Morgan has not yet commented about the viral flight footage.

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