“Leave Giselle alone”: Fans reach out to SM Entertainment to protect the aespa member’s privacy after Wattpad account leaked

aespa's Giselle (Image via SM Entertainment)

On July 22, netizens got hold of the aespa member Giselle's private Wattpad account and since then it has become a hot topic of discussion online.

For those unversed, Wattpad is a free website where people can read different kinds of content and also post their own. The most popular form of content is fanfiction, which literally means stories written by fans. Following the leak, the group's fandom known as MY has reached out to the group’s agency SM entertainment to take legal measures against netizens who have violated Giselle’s privacy. One enraged fan wrote:

"leave giselle alone. like this isn't normal behavior."

Fans were surprised to come across what appears to be evidence of Giselle's former Wattpad account from 2013, long before her debut.

It contained various stories that were published over the course of a few months, with the account appearing to have become active in August of 2013 and its last update published in December of the same year.

aespa’s fans have mixed reactions to Giselle’s private Wattpad account leak

The Wattpad account in question was more or less confirmed to be aespa member Giselle’s, as the profile picture was that of the rapper from her younger days.

According to her alleged Wattpad account, Giselle has 10 works while her followers and views are in the thousands. Some of the titles include - Robbing Chanel, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Princess at heart.

Naturally, fans were upset at the fact the Giselle’s privacy was violated. While most fans demanded respect and privacy for the young K-pop idol, others shared humourous memes to divert attention away from netizens who dug up the idol's private Wattpad account and posted it on public forums.

Some fans, however, believe that it is not a big deal and that it is normal for every young girl to have a Wattpad account at some point.

All the memes and jokes on one side, most of aespa’s fans agree that Giselle’s privacy has been violated and demanded that the agency use legal means to protect her privacy.

MYs have expressed their concern for her mental well-being in light of the leak. For one, fans believe she is probably dealing with a lot of criticism about the stories she is said to have written, which they feel are unfair to pass judgement on because she was only 13 years old at the time.

But Giselle's privacy invasion is what has fans the most worried. Fans feel that her privacy has been violated and will continue to support her regardless of whether the account that was leaked actually belonged to her or not.

aespa’s new-album Girls debuts at number 1 on Top Album Sales Chart

On July 17, Billboard officially announced that aespa's new mini album, Girls, ranked at number 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart for July 23, making them the fastest K-pop girl group in history to top the chart.

The Girls singers have now become the fastest female K-pop act to enter the top 3 of the Billboard 200, having achieved the feat less than two years after their debut and only the third overall, after BLACKPINK and TWICE.

aespa is also the fastest female K-pop act in history to chart two albums in the top 20 of the Billboard 200.

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