Who was Nohema Graber? Fairfield Spanish teacher allegedly killed by teen students, remains found under wheelbarrow

Nohema Graber pictured with her family in photos through the years (Image via Nohema Marie Graber, Christian Graber/ Facebook)
Nohema Graber pictured with her family in photos through the years (Image via Nohema Marie Graber, Christian Graber/ Facebook)

Two Iowa teen students, Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, are facing homicide charges after being accused of killing their Spanish teacher Nohema Graber. She was 66.

Her remains were found under a tarp and wheelbarrow at Fairfield's Chautauqua Park on November 3, Wednesday, shortly after she was reported missing by her family.

Since this is an ongoing investigation, authorities involved are yet to reveal a motive for the killing and cause of death. However, according to court filings shared by the Daily Mail, she suffered "inflicted trauma to the head."

Police have also reportedly received details of Goodale plotting the killing on social media and uncovered blood-smeared clothing in one of the suspect's houses.

The report also confirmed that a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for November 12 at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Who was Nohema Graber?

The 66-year-old was loved and revered by many. Originally from Xalapa, Mexico, she was popular in the town's Latino community and was employed with Fairfield High School since 2012.

Nohema Graber was a mom of three. She leaves behind his two sons, daughter and husband.

While Christian wrote on Facebook that he forgave the students and felt "sorry" that they had "anger in their hearts," daughter Nohema Marie remembered her mother for her teachings.

She wrote:

"We’ve lost an absolute angel in our family. It is all thanks to her for instilling a love of travel and languages that my brothers and I have continued to experience the world throughout our lives. We had the wonderful fortune of growing up in a home filled with such an abundance of warmth and love."

Nohema Graber's friends and colleagues thanked her too. Longtime Edith Cabrera said she was a "great friend" and an "even better person." Laurie Noll, the Fairfield Community School District's superintendent, said that she had "touched" several lives during her stint at the institution.

A candlelight vigil has been organized to grieve and memorialize Nohema Graber at the east side of Fairfield High School on November 5, Friday, at 7.00 PM Central Time.

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