Who is Vito Salamone from Love Is Blind? Pizzeria owner who once got detention for throwing bible to the floor

Vito Salamone from Love is Blind (Image via Sportskeeda)
Vito Salamone from Love is Blind (Image via Sportskeeda)

Love Is Blind season 2 is all set to return with 30 new contestants searching for love. The previous season of the show was a massive hit owing to its experimental concept - falling in love without laying your eyes on the person.

Love Is Blind invites the contestant to live in pods where they can start their blind date. Contestants can talk about whatever is necessary for them to fall in love but their appearance is not revealed to each other. Finally, once two people decide to move forward with their relationship, only then do they get to see each other.

Who is Vito Salamone from Love Is Blind season 2?

Love Is Blind is set to take 30 new singles on an enlightening journey of finding love. With the unique and exciting personalities on board, the show is expected to be bigger than ever.

Vito Salamone, the 33-year-old contestant on Love Is Blind season 2, is the owner of a pizzeria and also runs his catering business through his website Capri Express. Vito is based in Chicago but loves to travel to different places.

Vito Salamone seems to be very close to his friends, he posts a lot of pictures of them partying and hanging out together. His friends tease him quite a lot for getting detained for dropping a bible on the floor.

Vito also shared the incident on his Instagram and posted the detention receipt as well.

He shared with Netlfix his outlook towards dating. Vito Salamone said,

“My #1 pet peeve is when someone is rude to a waiter or waitstaff. I own a restaurant, so it’s something I just don’t tolerate.”

He also has a pet dog named Linguini, of whom he posts many pictures on his Instagram. Currently, Vito is followed by 819 followers and he is following 538 people on the social media platform.

When is Love Is Blind season 2 airing?

Love Is Blind season 2 airs February 11, 2022 on Netflix. The show will have 14 episodes and will run for three whole weeks.

The show is produced by Chris Coelen, Sam Dean, Ally Simpson, Eric Detwiler, and Terrance Villarreal under Kinetic Content.

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