"Who will he choose?" Golden Bachelor fans anxious over Gerry Turner's pending decision 

Fans react to Gerry Turner
Fans react to Gerry Turner's pending decision on The Golden Bachelor (Image via Instagram/@goldenbachabc)

The Golden Bachelor aired a brand new episode on ABC on Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. During the segment, Gerry Turner and his final two suitresses, Leslie and Theresa, made their way to Central America, where they respectively spent quality time together.

It was followed by the famous fantasy suite segment, during which the Bachelor spent a night with each of the cast members.

Gerry's actions and words may have given hope to both women, but they have left fans wondering who he will end up picking to be the recipient of the first-ever Golden Rose. Fans took to social media to chime in about the episode.

Golden Bachelor fans react to Gerry Turner telling Leslie he loves her

During the latest episode of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner went on his final dates with Leslie and Theresa to help him decide who he would propose to. The episode started with host Jesse Palmer and Gerry having a conversation about his separate equations with the women.

Though he hadn't yet told Theresa he loved her, he said he had strong feelings for both of them. The two further spoke about the fantasy suites, and Gerry told him that while he didn't want to push things in a certain direction, he would be open to physical intimacy.

Gerry first went on a date with Leslie as they repelled into a waterfall. After a long, eventful day, they enjoyed dinner together. Gerry Turner hoped to get to know the Golden Bachelor contestant on a deeper level. However, she asked him when he had "s*x" for the last time. He told her that it had been a long time, and Leslie told him that it had been more or less a year for her.

The two discussed their potential future together. Leslie told the Golden Bachelor she didn't want to leave Minneapolis since her entire family was there, but she assured him they would figure it out.

After an emotional conversation, the two went to the fantasy suite, where he told her he couldn't live without her. The next morning, Gerry told the cameras that they stayed up talking until late but didn't reveal details about the night.

Up next was his date with Theresa, and the two went horseback riding. However, Gerry struggled to keep Leslie out of his mind and eventually told Theresa about it. The female cast member was fairly understanding, and the two continued on their date and went to dinner.

The two talked about Theresa's personal and professional life as they made their way to the suite. The next morning, Gerry noted that he told Theresa that he loved her and that he didn't have any reservations about her.

Fans took to social media to chime in about the dates and were confused by who Gerry was going to choose since he seemingly made promises to both of them.

The Golden Bachelor will return on November 30, 2023, when Gerry Turner will finally pick the woman of his dreams. Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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