Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner reveals secrets about Fantasy Suits

Gerry Turner
Gerry Turner (Image via Instagram/ @goldengerryturner)

Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor, premiering on ABC on Thursday, September 28, 2023, is all set to introduce fans to Gerry Turner, who is seeking love once again. Speaking for the Fantasy Suites segment of the show, Turner shared some insights with E! News during an interview:

"I think as you age—and at least where I'm at—a fantasy suite isn't an open gate to physical intimacy. It's the open gate to an emotional and intellectual connection. So, I know that the general assumption is that the fantasy suite is for the physical part, and it really isn't for me and it wasn't. It was the time when I was able to have open and frank conversation with women without the eyes of America on me through the cameras.”

He continued:

“Believe me—when I say that it was the most important time of the journey, I'm not exaggerating. And it has to do with the conversations that happen behind closed doors and not a physical activity. If I had gone behind the locked door for the physical intimacy, I wouldn't have come out with the right decisions that I made after those nights.”

The Golden Bachelor will feature 22 women competing for Gerry Turner's heart this season. The contestants on the show are Patty, Anna, April, Christina, Edith, Ellen, Faith, Jeanie, Joan, Kathy, Leslie, Maria, Marina, Nancy, Natasha, Pamela, Peggy, Renee, Sandra, Susan, Sylvia, and Theresa.

A second chance at love for The Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner

A former businessman, Gerry Turner is a father of two and currently resides in Indiana. He was previously married to Toni in 1974. Unfortunately, Toni, whom Gerry had known since high school, passed away in 2017.

The Golden Bachelor marks Gerry's second chance at finding a partner. Speaking about his journey on the show, he told E! News:

"I had a lot of soul-searching with respect and my relationship to her [Toni] on whether or not this was the right thing to do. I kept going back to the conversations that we had over the years that when one of us passed, the other one was so empowered to continue on with their lives and find happiness. And we had those conversations—I think many couples do. So, that was the message I took with me as I started the journey."

According to Gerry Turner, throughout this journey of finding love once again, he has remained faithful to his heart. In addition, he admitted that he did go beyond his limits at one point and broke a rule that he set for himself:

"The only thing might be a little bit of embarrassment when my granddaughters see that I failed my commitment to not kiss anyone on the first night and I did. And then in short subsequent manner after that, I think I kissed everyone on the show, including the cameraman and a couple of the audio people," he said.

Gerry Turner also mentioned that fans would be surprised by each episode, as there will be many twists and turns.

As Turner explores his connections and feelings during this season, he will have to eliminate the one person he feels the least connected to at the end of each episode. By the end of the season progresses, he will have a partner by his side, with whom he will get engaged.

The Golden Bachelor season 1 is scheduled for release on Thursday, September 28, 2023, on ABC.

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