"That was a very hard meeting": The Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner discusses his reaction to seeing Faith during episode 7

The Golden Bachelor
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Fans are just days away from witnessing the finale of The Golden Bachelor season 1, which will air on November 30, 2023. The much-awaited episode will feature Gerry getting engaged for the second time in his life. Currently, only two women remain on the show, Leslie and Theresa.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly published on November 13, The Golden Bachelor star Gerry was asked about his reaction to watching the women get eliminated from the show. He was also asked to shed light on how he felt while watching their reactions to being rejected by him.

“Each one of those exit interviews felt different than others. Because of the individual, I had a different reaction to it, but the fundamental agreement across the board was the sadness because they all had to leave,” he said.

On November 2, 2023, Gerry had to choose one contestant out of three, and he broke down while making his decision. The Golden Bachelor season 1 episode 7, titled The Women Tell All then saw Gerry eliminating Faith and saving Leslie and Theresa.

During the recent interview, he was also asked about his breakup with Faith and how difficult it was to see her again during episode 7 of the show, which aired on November 9, 2023. He said that it was "very hard" and revealed that the duo expressed their love to each other when they hugged.

"That was a very hard meeting. The hardest part was I knew she had already been emotional when I walked out on stage. There were just no words and when we hugged, we still told each other we loved one another," he continued.

The Golden Bachelor season 1: Gerry Turner on breakups with 21 women


Every breakup Gerry had during season 1 of the show was heartwarming and emotional. Gerry recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the "relationship" between him and the women he rejected in season 1 of the show and if he had any tricks for "a healthy breakup."

“I absolutely would not consider myself qualified to teach a course on healthy breakups. Just because I did it 21 times does not make me an expert! It's like I'm a novice 21 times,” he said.

So far, Gerry has eliminated Patty, Anna, April, Christina, Edith, Ellen, Faith, Jeanie, Joan, Kathy, Maria, Marina, Nancy, Natasha, Pamela, Peggy, Renee, Sandra, Susan, and Sylvia from the show.

The show's next episode is now scheduled to air on November 16, 2023, followed by its finale. The trailer gives fans a glimpse into the upcoming episode's fantasy suit. Gerry will have to decide who he wants to spend the rest of his life with and can be seen expressing his feelings for both contestants in the trailer. So, it will be interesting to see who he chooses in the end.

The synopsis of episode 8 of The Golden Bachelor reads:

“As we head toward the dramatic finale of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry must choose one woman to be the second love of his life -- but there's a lot of drama left on the road to that decision. Will the pressure of that choice prove too much for Gerry to handle?”

Furthermore, ABC's description of season 1 of the show reads:

"On this all-new unscripted series, one hopeless romantic is given a second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life. The women arriving at the mansion have a lifetime of experience, living through love, loss, and laughter, hoping for a spark that ignites a future full of endless possibilities. In the end, will our Golden man turn the page to start a new chapter with the woman of his dreams?"

Tune into ABC to watch the latest episodes of The Golden Bachelor season 1.

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