"Why can't people behave": Netizens angered at a fan's rude behavior towards ENHYPEN's Sunghoon during a fansign video call

ENHYPEN's Sunghoon during the fansign video call (Image via Twitter@drunkdqz3d)

On May 30, 2023, following the release of an OP's fansign call with ENHYPEN's Sunghoon, netizens were frustrated to witness the rude and uncalled-for behavior adopted by the fan. In the video, there were supposedly a group of friends who not only spoke in an informal tone with the 20-year-old idol, but also made rude comments and hurled disrespectful words towards him.

As the video went viral online, many were displeased and angered at the way the said mistreators interacted with the idol. Given that Sunghoon looked uncomfortable and upset in response to the rude behavior he was facing during the fansign video call, fans' frustration was only further fueled. Ever since the same, fans have been reporting the accounts that mistreated him and have also been sending love and support to the idol.

"I hope the world will be more kinder to you": Fans express anger towards the fans who mistreated ENHYPEN's Sunghoon during a fansign video call

With the beginning of physical restrictions after the kickstart of Covid-19, the K-pop industry took to online means to keep the interaction between artists and their fans running. However, even with the pandemic settling down, the tradition of online fansign video events continued as it allows fans from different parts of the world to easily connect with their favorite idols.

Regardless, fansign events continue to face problems as they always did, where idols are faced with rude and unexpected behavior from the fans that come to meet them. As complaints regarding the rude conduct followed by certain fans with the K-pop idols during fansign video calls stack up one after another, the recent incident involving ENHYPEN's Sunghoon adds to the same.

While much exciting content resulted from the recent fansign video call event held by ENHYPEN, fans were disappointed to find an unsettling incident among the same. The OP, through their Twitter account, @tyule_, tweeted the video of them and Sunghoon (now deleted), which angered many people since the tweet's caption contained a derogatory word. The said tweet had the caption:

"I can't help but laugh, he really looks like a (r slur)."

However, this was only further fueled as the fan and their accompanying group of friends continued to be rude towards the idol, called him names, and also mocked him during the entirety of the video call:

"Don't you have something to say to me? It hasn't been a while, man, you're too much...do you know who's fan I am? Do you really not remeber me?"

As the fan continued to mockingly laugh with her friends while talking to Sunghoon, the idol looked visibly uncomfortable and helpless, further concerning the fans. Many expressed that the behavior was completely unnecessary since it lacks respect for someone who works hard to entertain his fans. Check out some of these tweets below:

Additionally, fans grew more furious as the OP went on Twitter to talk about their fansign video call experience with Sunghoon, writing:

The other (ENHYPEN) members were just funny but Park Sunghoon made my mood really really sour. A (r slur) who doesn’t recognize me.

After further looking up into the issue, fans also found the Twitter accounts of the other group of friends who were sitting beside the OP. They've now been actively reporting the account and spreading news across the internet to effectively blacklist the supposed mistreators. Simultaneously, they are sending support and love to the idol who faced uncalled-for behavior.

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Edited by Abhipsa Choudhury