Why do Selling Sunset fans think Christine Quinn x Emma Hernan $5K bribery story is fake?

Christine Quinn denies $5K bribery story on Selling Sunset (Image via thechristinequinn/Instagram)
Christine Quinn denies $5K bribery story on Selling Sunset (Image via thechristinequinn/Instagram)

Selling Sunset has been in the news ever since it aired on Netflix. Be it about Jason and Chrishell Stause's relationship or Maya Vander's future on the show. But the most exciting topic which took the drama to a whole new level was the $5K bribery between Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan.

However, fans think that there is no truth in the story where Christine Quinn is accused of offering bribes to one of Emma Hernan's clients to not work with her.

All about Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan's $5K bribery story on Selling Sunset

Fans of Selling Sunset are having a hard time digesting Emma Hernan's $5K bribery story and are calling it a fake story. They think the story cannot be true because Christine Quinn will not "compromise her job/reputation for… Emma" or even offer such a low amount as a bribe to high-profile clients.

Fans took to Twitter, saying they were shocked by such a plot twist, showing their support for Quinn on the platform.

It just makes ZERO sense why Christine would bribe $5000 to a RICH client for a listing. My gut feeling, Chrishell may be behind this because in earlier episodes, Jason told her he would fire Christine if she was unethical. Then bam Emma??... #sellingsunset
this christine bribery storyline is so obviously contrived, if christine is so calculated why would she compromise her job/reputation for… emma? #SellingSunset
People really believe the bribery story? like if it ever had to happen Christine would’ve given way more than 5K lmao she’s not cheap #SellingSunset
So I’m supposed to believe that @XtineQuinn would bribe a million dollar client with $5000.00? This is actually laughable 😂 #SellingSunset
They want me to believe that Christine Quinn who took her infant son on a helicopter ride was only offering a $5000 bribe? The same Christine that wears designer from head to toe? These writers need to try again. #SellingSunset
I need solid evidence of this Christine bribery storyline. Hearsay isn’t cutting it. She’s still on the O Group website as a realtor associate so she’s clearly not fired. I hope it’s addressed at the reunion. #sellingsunset
I’m still shocked at the bribery plot in #SellingSunset because there’s NO WAY, NO WAY, this is real. I even believe they did that to tarnish @XtineQuinn reputation cause she has her new agency. And no shade, but Mary was not a good enough actress to make it believable.
Christine is saying bribery story is false, couldn’t she sue if that’s the case? Couldn’t it tarnish her reputation as a realtor? #SellingSunset
The show is doing these women a disservice regardless of what is true about this 5k bribery accusation. If Emma is right, show some footage to prove it. If it is fake, why allow it to smear your biggest star? It makes no sense without footage to back it up. #SellingSunset
These clients buy million dollar houses… and you genuinely think that Christine would offer them an embarrassing amount of 5K. Like her or hate her, she’s clearly innocent and this story line or bribery is ridiculous. #SellingSunset #ChristineQuinn #Netflix

In Episode 9, Hernan opened up to Mary Fitzgerald that Quinn offered her longtime client a $5,000 bribe to not work with her, saying that Quinn "is out to sabotage" her "in any way possible."

This revelation not only shocked Fitzgerald, but even their boss Jason Oppenheim, who called her practice "unethical". Oppenheim could not believe that Quinn could go to such an extent to sabotage someone's career.

He gets distraught after learning this fact as Quinn was one of the first agents he hired for his company after seeing her potential and "wit". He went on to say that Quinn should use her time and energy towards her real-estate work instead of being vindictive against someone.

When Quinn fails to turn up in the office and refuses to take his boss's call to clear the air, Oppenheim is ready to make some tough decisions at the insistence of Fitzgerald despite "deeply" caring for her.

30 minutes till the launch of #SellingSunset 🥰🥰enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines! 💰 💅

However, Quinn dismissed the claims, saying Hernan was lying to make her look bad. She even said that she does not want to clear things up with "mommy and daddy", aka Mary and Jason, and laughs off the claims.

Quinn even called out the Netflix series for selling "fake storylines" to the viewers.

Tune in to Netflix to catch all the exciting dramas of Selling Sunset, which debuted on April 22 on the streaming platform.

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