"You only turn 26 once": Ryan Reynolds' unique birthday message for Stray Kids' Bang Chan has fans swooning

Featuring Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan (Image via VancityReynolds/X and SBS Inkigayo )
Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan (Image via X/@VancityReynolds and SBS Inkigayo)

On October 3, 2023, STAYs celebrated Stray Kids' Bang Chan's birthday worldwide, congratulating him on turning 26 years old and wishing him success in his endeavors. Amid their celebrations, STAYs were surprised by a creative and unique birthday message from Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. The actor posted a unique video edit that prompted fans to give him the title of a STAY and a Bang Chan fanboy.

In the video, Reynolds shared a clip of himself from the movie Woman in Gold, where his character Randy Schoenberg was looking for the K-pop group TWICE's music video, titled Like OOH-AHH, where Bang Chan played the role of a zombie. Reynolds subsequently watched a video of him dancing energetically with a microphone.

The Deadpool actor posted this edit on his Maximum Effort handle, with the caption:

"You only turn 26 once. Or is it Twice? Happy Birthday, Bang Chan!"

"Biggest bang chan fanboy": Fans can't get enough of Ryan Reynolds' unique birthday message

It's no secret that American actor Ryan Reynolds has been consistent in wishing Bang Chan on his birthday. He posted similarly hilarious wishes in 2021 and 2022, using the same caption both times, referring to Bang Chan's birthday as a significant day.

"Celebrating an important Birthstay"

In 2021, he posted a picture of the idol striking a V sign in front of his picture, while in the 2022 post, he shared a hilarious edit where the Deadpool actor could only see Bang Chan dancing after wearing his sunglasses.

After watching Ryan Reynolds' 2023 birthday post for him, fans were convinced that he's one of the biggest fanboys of the group's leader. They were in awe of the effort the actor put into making an edit for the idol and posting it on social media.

Naturally, they were eagerly awaiting the actor's birthday wish this year as well and wondered what he would do this time. STAYs, who could see the effort put in by Ryan Reynolds in the video edit, were quite impressed with his dedication. Many fans also stated that the actor and his team were literally digging up videos of the idol, indicating that they were nothing but STAYs.

Many fans also humorously pointed out that whenever someone thinks they are the biggest stan of K-pop idol, they should think twice and remember that Ryan Reynolds never fails to wish the idol in the most unique way possible.

Interestingly, the duo's friendship started on Twitter (now X), and they did an interview during the promotions for the actor's video-game-based film, Free Guy, in 2021, where the American actor continued to shower praises on the idol instead of promoting his film.

The leader of Stray Kids reciprocated with the same energy, providing tons of compliments throughout the six-minute interview. Fans were over the moon and wished for an in-person exchange between the two, finding their interaction quite wholesome.

On another occasion, the Deadpool actor shared a selfie on his Instagram using Stray Kids' Red Lights music as the background. The group's leader reacted to it as well during his livestream, joking that the actor may have been feeling a bit spicy that day.

STAYs hope to see more of their interaction in the future.

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