5 Stray Kids x Ryan Reynolds interaction that caused an uproar on the internet

Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids have had many fun interactions in the last few years. (Image via Twitter/ @TaylenaAlwyn, @Stray_Kids)
Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids have had many fun interactions in the last few years. (Image via Twitter/ @TaylenaAlwyn, @Stray_Kids)

A chance Twitter reaction by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds to a Deadpool-inspired Stray Kids performance created a series of interactions that cemented the cross-border friendship between the group and the actor.

While the Back Door group's leader Bang Chan confessed to being a huge fan of the Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds reciprocated his adoration. The latter even used the band's music as background music for his stories on Instagram.

The mutual adoration by the K-pop group and the Free Guy star has caught the attention of fans many times. Moreover, they have used their social media (especially Twitter) to express their love for this unique bond.

5 times Stray Kids and Ryan Reynolds shook the internet with their friendship

From exchanging autographs to fanboying over each other, the Deadpool actor and Stray Kids have had many wholesome interactions that have been appreciated by fans worldwide.

Here are five interactions between Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids that blew up on the internet.

1) The Tweet that started it all

After noticing a STAY post about the Deadpool-inspired performance that Stray Kids did in Kingdom: Legendary War, Ryan Reynolds received a tweet back from the group that said "I know, right?" causing fans to be amazed at this unexpected interaction.

However, the exchange continued as the Proposal actor posted a picture with a signed bottle of Aviation Gin (the company he owns) after Bang Chan spoke about wanting an autograph, captioning the image "#NewFavouriteAustralian".

Bang Chan returned the favor by sending a signed album and apologizing to Hugh Jackman for now becoming Reynolds' favorite Australian. The exchange sent STAYs into a frenzy, trying to explain who Chan was while also expressing joy at the unexpected interaction.

2) Ryan Reynolds wishing Bang Chan on his birthday in 2021

The Definitely, Maybe actor wished the Stray Kids leader on his birthday via the Twitter account of his production company. Using the term "Birthstay," the actor won the hearts of fans, who were both surprised and touched by the gesture.

The picture used was a selfie that the duo took when Bang Chan interviewed Ryan Reynolds after multiple online interactions.

3) The Free Guy interview where Chan and Ryan Reynolds brought their chemistry alive


After manifold brushes with each other online, Ryan Reynolds and the Stray Kids leader came together for an interview during the promotions for the actor's video-game-based film, Free Guy.

The duo expressed admiration for each other's work. Bang Chan was particularly struck by how the actor spent a considerable amount of time talking about the Thunderous group, despite it being an interview for his movie.

Fans also appreciated the video-call interaction, calling Chan a "successful" fan for being able to meet and be appreciated by someone he admires.

4) Bang Chan reacting to Ryan's post on STAY selca day

The Deadpool actor posted an Instagram story with an image of himself with Stray Kids' Red Lights as background music. When Bang Chan, who featured on the song with band member Hyunjin, noticed this, he thanked Ryan Reynolds for using the song, though he didn't have to.

Additionally, Chan expressed his surprise during a Chan's Room livestream at the choice of song, stating that the actor was perhaps feeling a bit "spicy" that day.

5) The Adams Project promoted Stray Kids' ODDINARY

Ryan Reynolds took his admiration for the MANIAC group to the next level by posting about their album on his Instagram story during their comeback. The group was surprised by the gesture, thanking the actor for his support, as mentioned in an interview with Billboard magazine.

Fans called Stray Kids' getting excited about the shoutout "cute," calling the act a mark of mutual respect that the band and actor have for each other.

Continuing the saga of online shoutouts, Ryan Reynolds posted an edit of a clip from Free Guy with Bang Chan to celebrate his birthday on his socials. Fans found it both touching and hilarious because it shows the depth of their friendship.

Recently, a few rumors have been circling around on Twitter stating that Stray Kids would feature on the soundtrack for the next film in the Deadpool franchise. This is further fuelled by the fact that the lead actor liked a Tweet regarding the same. Whether or not that happens, fans can look forward to the group's latest album, MAXIDENT, which releases on October 7, 2022.

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