YOUNITE, Brand New Music’s new boy group opens social media accounts

Brand New Music's upcoming group, YOUNITE (Image via @BMN_BRANDNEWZ/Twitter)
Brand New Music's upcoming group, YOUNITE (Image via @BMN_BRANDNEWZ/Twitter)

Brand New Music unveiled its new boy group’s name, YOUNITE, and opened its social media accounts on February 14, 12:00 AM KST. The nine-member group includes some known faces and has already been releasing content in terms of dance and song covers on its official YouTube channel.

Some members were introduced as trainees in June last year by the agency as BRANDNEWZ. The news of a new boy group was confirmed when the agency announced the same, with popular X1 member Lee Eun-sang taking the lead.

Brand New Music reveals the name of new boy group, YOUNITE


On February 14, Brand New Music, home to AB6IX, BDC, Bumkey, and others, unveiled the social media accounts of its newest boy group, YOUNITE. The agency also released a short teaser unraveling the meaning behind the name.

Titled WE ARE CONNECTED, the clip shows two purple and pink shaded planets merging. These planets signify the group and its fans, as it then describes the meaning to be “You & I.” The logo is shortened to ‘UNI’ and forms the group’s name.

Eagle-eyed fans of the trainees, who had long kept an eye on them and the agency, discovered that Brand New Music had trademarked the group’s name in July and its logo, ‘UNI’ in September last year.

The group opened its accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Fan Cafe. While a YouTube channel was launched months ago.

YOUNITE members continued to showcase their talent through YouTube and conversing with fans through an official group Twitter account. Before the name reveal, Brand New Music also released an epilogue Beautiful Sunshine of Lee Eun-sang. Lee Eun-sang appeared on Produce X 101 and debuted with X1.

Another already known face in the group includes JYP-PSY’s survival show LOUD’s participant and former JYP Entertainment trainee, Lim Kyung-mun. The group also comprises Eunho (eldest, 01 liner), Steve, Hyunseung, Hyeongsuk, Wonho, Sehyeon, and Sion (maknae, 04 liner).

Until now, YOUNITE has released a song cover of Roses by Finn Askew, a dance cover of damn Right by AUDREY NUNA, a vlog, and a self-produced song by Sehyeon, Wonho, and Steve. The group will reportedly be debuting the first half of 2022.

Considering the group's name and social media release, the agency might release details of the new album and its debut in the coming weeks.

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